The Newest Member of Our Peace Corps Family

By Nereida Angulo


Only two weeks after being showered with gifts and lots of love at his baby shower, Miguelangel showed up to the world. He came a month earlier than he was supposed to, but he was so ready to experience firsthand all of the love that he already felt from inside his mommy.

He was born on September 18 at 12:30 PM, measured 50 centimeters and weighed 3250 grams. Miguelangel was born through cesarean section. He was so early that he needed to stay at NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) because he had trouble adapting to the life outside the womb. His little lungs were not ready for the big challenge breathing the air of the outside world. His mom went twice a day to the hospital to see him and cheer him up so he would get better soon. After five days, he was discharged from the hospital and ready to go home. Today, he is doing very well. He stands now at 56 centimeters and weighs 4400 grams.


Miguelangel is a well-behaved boy. He only wakes up once at night to eat and goes straight to bed. During the day, he eats, sleeps and plays with his mom. As much as he would love to go to the office to say hi to everyone, his doctor doesn’t recommend a visit until he is two months old, and after he has received the vaccines that he needs. Until then, he and his mom have grateful words for everyone at the office, both staff and volunteers. Thanks for all your kindness and for keeping us in mind through this time.

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