Welcome to Colombia, CII-6!

By Michael Owen


When I touched down in Barranquilla a mere two months ago, I wasn’t quite sure what lay ahead of me. I had read all of the material that had been sent my way. Any and all blogs regarding Colombia had been bookmarked and scoured. However, I wasn’t quite prepared for the warm and amazing reception that we all received at the airport from the current volunteers and PC staff. Being greeted with rousing cheers and a shot of coffee definitely helped me start to feel at home. The “magic” continued back at the hotel and really has yet to wear off.

I have been a bit overwhelmed (in a good way) with the amount of support and kindness that I have received since getting here. With help from my fellow trainees (soon to be volunteers) my host family, the PC staff, this whirlwind of an adventure has started on a very positive note. Through the various site visits, technical sessions, and language classes, I feel prepared to tackle the next two years ahead of me. I know that there will be challenges and successes, along with various highs and lows. However, I feel like my new “family” will be able to help me through all of those with no problem.

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