What’s the Wellness Anthology?

By Lexi Huth and Megan Birnbaumyoga

Looking for a resource to stay or become a healthy Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV)?

Then you’re looking for the Wellness Anthology! While PCVs have been eager to help those in their host communities, they also have had sincere interest in the well-being of their compadres. The Wellness Anthology was written by fellow PCVs to guide and encourage other PCVs through their service and trying times of cultural adjustment. The Wellness Anthology (WA) is loaded with goods and focuses on physical and mental health of PCVs in Colombia.

How can I use it?

The PCV family shares much information in this document, which is filled with many useful tips, genuine survival advice, and a lot of TLC. Your service will sometimes feel like a rollercoaster, and the WA will comfort you at every stage.

You can use the WA for ways to address the good (like exercise, recipes, romantic relationships, expectations as a PCV, and tips for integrating into a new culture), the bad (like emotional support through the inevitable rough times), and the ugly (like constipation).

How Can I Access the WA?

All PCVs should have received the Google drive link for online access, and all volunteers receive either a hard copy or an electronic copy (via the USB) upon swear-in. If you haven’t received it yet, or you’d like to check out the updated version, click HERE.

“I have found that Peace Corps effectively breaks you down, whether it be more in a slowly chipping away fashion, or in a few sudden spurts of shattering moments, to eventually build you back up with a somewhat different chemical makeup. Mientras tanto, the breaking down stage can be, should be, will be, brutal. That’s what makes the final alchemy so precious. … Our physical and mental limitations are being broken and rearranged by a culture and country that we don’t fully understand, and even after what feels like a lifetime to us, we never completely will… However, for all of these ridiculous factor moments that tested me, they also strengthened me and in the end, enabled me to rejoice that much more in how far I had come.” -From the article “Learning to Laugh”

As each year passes, Volunteers are encouraged to add to and to edit the WA to meet their needs. This is not an official document, nor is it created by trained professionals. This is an informal way to share ideas and opinions to keep us connected and remind us that we are all going through our experiences as a process and that we should not to forget to ask for help along the way. We, on the Health Committee, invite you to check it out!

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