From the Editors: November 2014

IMG_6673Saludos Peace Corps Colombia and friends,

This month’s issue is titled, “Welcome to the Coast.” In less than two weeks, 33 members of CII-6 will finish training, swear in as volunteers, and move to their new sites. Congratulations to all!

At the same time, we must say goodbye to our country director, George Baldino. We’ll miss George’s kindness, support, positive energy, and his bottomless jar of Oreos. 🙂

Whether you’re busy wrapping up the school year, celebrating Cartagena’s festivals, moving to a new site, or moving back to the United States, we wish you the best of luck this November.

Additionally, we hope you enjoy reading Oíste on our new platform. Feel free to leave comments and share articles with your friends and family. As always, we welcome comments, questions, suggestions and submissions for the next issue.

Thanks for reading,
The Oíste Team

A special thanks to our contributors:
Nereida Angulo
Megan Birnbaum
Jason Cochran
Shanna Crumley
Lexi Huth
Aara Johnson
Thomas Nolan
Michael Owen
Sammy Quezada
Taylor Ramsey
Constance Ray
Stephanie Sheffield
Erick Uribe

Here are some photos from George’s Despedida:

IMG_6668 IMG_6669 IMG_6667 IMG_6666 IMG_6662 IMG_6670

*photo credit: Aara Johnson

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