By Alexis Huth


Peace Corps: Seeking individuals who can provide creative and resourceful ideas at any given time, endure major life changes (all at once) while remaining calm and mentally at peace, learn/enhance yourself in a foreign language and then survive on it, and at the end of the day, go journal, jog, or do some joga to release your stress so that you don’t worry your friends and family back at home. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to nourish and feed yourself (with new ingredients)…and stay cool during those expected dips in the 27 months that you’ll be managing all theses aspects of service!

You all are rock stars, but I don’t even have to tell you that. You endure this lifestyle every day and you are all well aware of how abnormally exhausting (yet thrilling) the lives you lead here in Colombia actually are. But when fatigue and suboptimal health are present, these balancing acts can feel more like nauseating nightmares. In awe of and inspired by you all, Costeños Saludables was born to pool together some valuable resources to help keep you healthy in (and out of) the kitchen, to promote your healthiest self.


The blog and facebook page continually post local ingredient-rich recipes, tips for volunteer-style cooking, upcoming Peace Corps and health events, dorm-style exercise pointers, and inspiration to keep your emotional health up to par with that of your physical. The Wellness Anthology is also posted to make it easily accessible (no excuses not to delve into those goods your fellow PCV’s wrote for Y-O-U).

Costeños Saludables is eager to make this an all-inclusive site where PCV’s can swap and trade kitchen secrets and health information. We encourage you to please email with your good stuff!

Also, thanks to Ana Alza, the site will soon be bilingual, helping to make one of the goals of Costeños Saludables become a reality. Cheers to spreading the health love to our coastal communities as well!

For you vegans out there, a lot of TLC has been put into another internet-accessible spot, specifically for those with a vegan diet or preference. We know it isn’t always easy eating clean out here!

¡Disfruta la información y tu salud!


Costeños Saludables (for healthy options):


La Conejita Colombiana (for more vegan options):

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