Counterpart Spotlight: Geyhler Vizcaino Molina

By Rick Grijalva


Geyhler Vizcaino Molina is a creative and curious Costeña who enjoys spending time with her family, painting, and relaxing with her cat. She teaches English at SENA, holds degrees in International Trade and Business Management, and is currently studying Computer Science. We began working together at SENA four months ago when she was assigned to be my “mentor,” observing my classes, helping me navigate the high-tech English Lab, and being a reliable go-to confidant in a new work site. I couldn’t ask for a better counterpart. The busy twenty-four-year-old gave some of her time to tell Oíste readers about herself, her country, and her experiences with English and working with the Peace Corps.

Free Time

I like to go to the movies, and I love to go out to eat, especially trying something new. I love Peruvian and Greek food. Also, I like walking. I can take a walk for three hours, just exploring. I started painting when I was a child, but I didn’t take a course. I started with pens and pencils and when I was fourteen my mother let me take a course. I started to paint with oil, and my first one was a lemon. It was simple, but it felt amazing to finish.

Why English?

My mom is an English teacher. All my life, since I was young I was used to hearing English: movies, series, music. When I was twelve or thirteen I knew my English level was pretty high and I decided to direct more attention to learning English and French. I would study on my own and my mom would teach me some phrases and songs.

What should people know about Colombia?

Colombia is happiness. Colombia is really rich: we have Carnival, beautiful nature, delicious food. The people are amazing. We have lots of diversity. I’m very happy to live here. Every city in Colombia has something you want to experience.

Who is your role model?

My role model is Geyhler Molina. Yeah, it’s my mom. She’s my role model because she showed me that family is first, gave me my education and good values. She also showed me that if you’re going to do everything because you love it, you’re going to feel good with yourself and satisfied and happy. The things you have to do, you have to do with love, and you have to do them well. I learned so much from her, and I love her.Rick_Counterpart_4

Describe your experience as a mentor at SENA.

It’s one of the best experiences I have had. I improved my English and the volunteers improve their Spanish. You share culture and experiences. In work, I learn how to improve my classes and be more dynamic. You came with different ideas and I think, yeah I like that, I’m going to use that or change that for my classes. I love learning from other people.

Describe your experience working with Peace Corps.

I started with Megan, next with Rick and Regina. Each person is really special and involved with the work, and is professional and responsible. I love working with people from Peace Corps. They can focus on what they have to do. I think American culture is being responsible and punctual. That’s nice. I had the opportunity to go to the training event last year with Peace Corps. It was really nice and organized, and it was great. I hope to continue working with Peace Corps in the future.


TV Shows: Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU and Big Bang Theory

Things to do in Barranquilla: Go to restaurants and go dancing

Games: Trivia games

Movies: Action and comedies

Food on the Coast: Plato de mojarra roja

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