By Alex Torres


It’s time to get pushed out of the nest

Flap your wings and hope for the best

Focus and look past all of the shortcomings

The distractions from counterparts, students, and systems

Set the rhythm

Enjoy the freefall

The sensation

Get accustomed to the new pace of life

Forfeit the wristwatch

No longer enslaved by the tick tock

Cogela suave

Get to know la cultura y la musica

Not just listen to stories and songs

Feel them

Breathe them

This moment in your life

Is time for your light to shine

Show why you were chosen


On to the hope when you first applied

Received an invitation and it felt right

We’re all here for a reason

We chose this route

Fulfill your purpose

It’s worthless if you start to doubt

Work needs to be done, so put up a fight

We’re in it for the long haul, it’s time to take flight


Mark your calendars! (It’s really happening this time.)


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