By Aara Johnson

For up to 50.000 COP in cash, you can realize smaller projects in a faster way with VAC Mini Grants, rather than going through more official channels. The grant can be used for things like: making copies, buying snacks and supplies (pens, notebooks, colors), or doing something that would make a difference with your project. These grants are funded by PCV and PCC staff support through polo, patch, and PCV lounge tienda sales. PCVs, be on the lookout for an email from VAC for the next session. The following excerpts are from recent recipients. Congratulations on their projects!

Francis Ramos

My friend and I are working with my girl’s group. She is teaching them how to use magazines and plastic bottles to make artesanias while jointly teaching some leadership skills from the ‘construye tus sueños‘ manual.

With the funds, we purchased glue, scissors, paint, beads and glue sticks for a hot glue gun. Attached are some photos of us totumo hunting and pitillo-magazine making alongside the chicas.

Thanks for the support, VAC!

Aara_VAC_Francis_3 Aara_VAC_Francis_2 Aara_VAC_Francis_1

Kathleen Rodriguez

Quilleras Unidas is a girls group aimed at uniting girls from different parts of Barranquilla to discuss topics such as female empowerment, health, and leadership.

The money was used to buy materials for writing and art activities for the girls to complete (glue, pencils, crayons, etc.). They completed a personal collage during our Autoestema session, and wrote letters to themselves and completed a self-portrait during our Belleza session.

Aara_VAC_Kath_2 Aara_VAC_Kath_3 Aara_VAC_Kath_1 Aara_VAC_Kath_4

Danny Butterfoss

Over the three days of Photo Camp, twenty students ages 13-16 learned the basics of photography and created an individual project dealing with themes of family roots and the home including a printed photo and an original poem.

The money from the VAC mini grant went towards materials for the camp like photocopies and cartulina, as well as photo printing and a daily snack for participants.Aara_VAC_Danny_3 Aara_VAC_Danny_4 Aara_VAC_Danny_2 Aara_VAC_Danny_1

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