We Teach, We Learn, We Work as a Team: Camp GLOW 2015

By Isaura Garcia


“Are you sure you will be responsible for my daughter?”

One parent made sure to call me at 10 p.m. the night before camp to make sure I was going to be a responsible camp counselor. Although this was an unexpected phone call, I put myself in his shoes, and I reassured him that his daughter was going to have a rewarding and safe experience.

I used to be a camp counselor for children in U.S. military bases, and I love camps. Camps are rewarding for students, camp counselors and communities. We teach, we learn and we work as a team.

Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) was a unique experience. We were divided into different colored teams, but no team outshined the rest. Every team and every student had their own personalities and demonstrated leadership abilities.

Camp GLOW was also a success story for the ladies of La Boquilla and two ladies from Isla Grande. We had a long journey from the Bolívar department to the Magdalena department, but our students were smiling and excited every step of the way. Initially, some of our students believed they were not going to fit in because they were from a different school or even because they had different skin color, but at the end of camp, all students left with new friends and new skills.

Camp GLOW would have not been the same without camp cheers. I said, “A boom Chica Boom!” Thirty-five ladies engaged in fun repeat-after-me chants. Their energy level and smiles multiplied in seconds. I applaud all the efforts that were made to make Camp GLOW possible.

(This is the quote that goes with the picture/pic collage) “GLOW… like a diamond, like a star… like the unique person you are in every shape and form… share your light and help ignite other fires.”

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