Now and Then: 25 Years Of Peace Corps Colombia

By Kathleen Rodriguez and Barbara Alvarado

This year is remarkable in that it marks the 25th anniversary of Peace Corps in Colombia (1961-1981 and 2010-present).  Peace Corps volunteers who were first here in the 1960’s will tell you that a lot has changed.  Big malls, movie theaters and traffic replace once open fields of grass and trees.  The landscape has changed, but even now, 25 years later, Peace Corps Colombia continues forward in its mission to provide effective and sustainable service to the people here.  We thought we’d commemorate the passing of 25 years by taking a closer look at Colombia, now and then. See for yourself.


One thought on “Now and Then: 25 Years Of Peace Corps Colombia

  1. I enjoyed seeing the photos from 25 years ago, but did you know there were volunteers in Colombia over 50 years ago? My all-women group was Colombia XI, and we served mostly in rural areas between 1963 and 1965. Because of instability and violence Peace Corps was later suspended. If current volunteers get transferred to rural areas I am sure their experiences will be rich and rewarding.


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