The purpose of the VAC mini-grants is to offer 50,000 Colombian pesos in cash to realize smaller projects rather than going through more official, drawn-out channels such as SPA, PCPP, or AMCHAM. It can be used for things like making copies, buying snacks, other supplies (pens, notebooks, colors), or anything else that would make a difference to your project. The following are the latest mini grant recipients:


Esther Fiebig

St. Lucia

Project: Vestuarios

My dance students were invited to participate in the 25th anniversary Peace Corps Colombia celebration. We were asked to come prepared with five different styles of dances from the four departments Peace Corps volunteers are serving in. The grant money helped out with the extra costumes we will need to rent and gave us one less thing to worry about (cost-wise) going into the event.


Richard Grijalva


Project: SENA Teachers Pedagogy Workshop

My counterpart, Geyhler Vizcaino Molina, and I held a voluntary pedagogy workshop for teachers at our site. This project fulfilled a direct request of several teachers at our site, who have specifically requested a pedagogy course. Through the day-long workshop we educated and inspired teachers to improve their classes by discovering new strategies and reflecting on their ideas of what it means to be a great teacher. The workshop included an attitudes and beliefs component, as well as a skills and strategies component. Topics will include reflection, organization, use of materials and technology, rubrics and evaluation of success. The workshop lasted about seven hours, so we provided the teachers with a snack to keep their energy high. We also provided each participant with a certificate on card stock, not as a reward but as a reminder to keep learning and growing in their craft. Other costs included miscellaneous materials for activities such as construction paper, glue sticks, and markers.

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