Photo Essay: Partial Tour of Antioquia

by Sammy Quezada

During this holiday break I had the opportunity to visit several cities in the department of Antioquia. Medellín served as the launching point to Jardín and Jericó, both of which are in southwest Antioquia. From there, I traveled North to Santa Fe de Antioquia, which was an early colonial city, the original Capital of Antioquia.

The following are some pictures of this trip.

Sammy0073 copy

Medellín is known for its holiday lights during this time of year.


Medellín from the cable cars

Sammy0246 copy - Copy

Sammy0303 copy - Copy

Sammy0698 copy

Architecture and colors of the houses in Jardín

Sammy0537 copy - Copy

Interior of the Church,

Sammy0793 copy - Copy

Exterior of the Church

Sammy0609 copy - Copy

Trail to a nearby waterfall and restaurant

Sammy0662 copy - Copy


Sammy0843 copy - Copy

Transport in southwest Antioquia is on actual Chivas. This is a bus port in Andes, Antioquia.

Sammy0908 copy - Copy

Jericó’s main plaza at night

Sammy1016 copy - Copy

Sammy1060 copy - Copy

Jericó’s architecture

Sammy1446 copy - Copy

Puente de Occidente over the Cauca River

Sammy1450 copy

Close up of the Puente de Occidente

Sammy1580 copy

Iglesia de Santa Barbara

Sammy1619 copy

Fountain located in the main plaza



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