By Jimmy Everett

It is no secret that I love my pueblo that the people here so lovingly call “Campo lindo Campito”, and now it’s my chance to explain why you should love it too (and come visit!).


Fine Dining

Whether you are looking for ice cream or Chinese food, salchipapas or milkshakes, Campo is the place to go. Here are some of my favorite spots for grabbing a full meal, a snack, or just indulging my sweet tooth.

El Famoso Jo-Chin: Looking for the best Chinese food in southern Atlántico? Look no further! This restaurant is conveniently located on the main street and serves delicious Chinese food in large portions at an affordable price. If that’s not enough, you should know that their “Lo-mei” plate comes with several delicious veggies like broccoli and cauliflower that you aren’t likely to find in most other pueblo establishments. Don’t feel like Chinese food but still want the Costeño-Chinese-fusion environment? No problem! The Famous Jo-Chin also serves comida corriente and soups. This is definitely my favorite establishment for a good lunch.


El Antojo: When the evening rolls around, my restaurant of choice is El Antojo. This small outdoor restaurant and hot-dog joint is centrally located right next to the church and town plaza and opens at 6:30 every night. The cook, whom we all call Mono, makes some of the best salchipapas in town (without skimping on the onions) and also serves affordable hot dogs with all of the fix-ins, including everyone’s favorite: pineapple sauce! In the mood for something with a little more protein? Lucky for you, El Antojo makes the best hamburger in the pueblo, which comes fully loaded with all of the sauces, papitas, cheese, a slice of ham, and an entire egg!

Rikura’s Heladería: After you finish at El Antojo you’re going to be in the mood for something sweet. Thankfully, right across the street is the best dessert shop in southern Atlántico! Rikura’s is physically attached to the town church and is literally the center of the town. The owner, Diana, is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and all of the staff provides excellent customer service. When it comes to sweets, this place has it all: dozens of flavors of ice creams and toppings, brownies, banana splits, creamy milkshakes, and fruit salads! Still hungry? They also serve sandwiches and lasagna. Just feel like something to drink? They have a dozen different freshly made fruit juices ready for you. This might be my favorite place in Campo. Try it; you won’t be disappointed.


My pueblo is famous for its party lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a place to have a few drinks and listen to music, or dance until you can’t dance anymore, Campo is for you. There are so many different estaderos (outdoor bars that blare Vallenato music) to choose from that you are bound to find the right fit. Did I mention that the beer is cheap? Some of my favorite places include Rumba Licores and El Negro Medina. If you aren’t feeling the estadero environment, be sure to check out our local disco: The Office. It is a cool indoor environment that plays a great mix of traditional and popular music. Did I mention that it has AC?

Now if you REALLY want to dance, be sure to come during Carnaval and go to one of our famous casetas. These outdoor party areas are wild during Carnaval and during our patron saint festival in March and are home to the biggest stereo systems in the pueblo. You don’t want to miss out on la rumba!


La Gente

I have spent a lot of time talking about the best places to go in Campo, but when it really comes down to it, I don’t love Campo for the food, the drinks, or the dancing. I don’t even love it for the (unbearable) heat. I love it for the people who have taken me in like one of their own and shown me the meaning of hospitality, happiness, and love. ¡Viva Campo de la Cruz!



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