Helping One Another

by Angell Kim

When I was in first grade, there was a children’s video with songs that I would watch with my sister far too many times. There was one song that said, “Helping hands, helping one another, I’ll do all I can, with my helping hands!” It was very catchy.

Fast-forward to my life now as a Peace Corps volunteer in Colombia, and that song is applicable every day. As I was walking around my neighborhood, I saw these leaf-cutting ants working hard. They were carrying cut leaves up a tree. I know the ants were bringing that leaf back to the anthill for their colony to enjoy. Ultimately, they were working together to help their colony.

Peace Corps Colombia volunteers are like those leaf-cutter ants. We are working together to help out in our unique way for a bigger cause; to represent the USA, interchange culture, and support economic and educational goals through sustainable methods in Colombia. With more volunteers helping out, we strengthen our mission.

Each cut leaf we carry holds the struggles, accomplishments, and knowledge that we as volunteers leave in Colombia and also bring back to the colony, the USA. We continue to serve and help in our homeland after leaving sustainable impact on Colombia.

“Helping hands. Helping one another. We are doing all we can, with our helping hands.”


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