by Derek Comba

The Best Panadería

derek 3I pretty much live here. You can almost always find fresh bread here at any time of the day. I love this panadería and you can find me here almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day. My go-to order is a bread roll filled with arequipe and a Coke.  The owners here are so nice and friendly and greet me warmly every time I go there. I go there so often that now I don’t even have to order’ they know exactly what I’m going to say.

The Best Running Trails 

derek 1

It isn’t very hard to find motivation to go running here. There are numerous fincas surrounding the town connected by country roads. After a heavy rain and the fields flood it’s not uncommon to see hundreds of cranes dotting these roads. A lot of the times when I go running I’ll end up walking or stopping all together to soak in the beautiful views. It’s the perfect way to end a hot, humid day.

The Best Street Food

derek 4

It’s both a good thing and a bad thing that you can only get fast food Saturdays and Sundays here or else I would probably eat here every day. I do however come here almost every week. From salchipapas, to hamburgers, to hotdogs, you can’t go wrong; everything here is delicious. The ambiance is also satisfying. It’s located on a quiet, dark, side street, and you can always hear music in the background. This makes for a very relaxing dinner.

The Best Tienda

derek 2

The owner Jhon Jairo, is one of the nicest people I’ve met, which is why I almost always go to this tienda whenever I need anything. I’m always greeted with a warm smile and sincere “¿Todo bien?” He always asks about my family, how I’ve been, and teaches me a lot about Colombia. I’ll regularly spend 20 to 30 minutes here talking when I originally just came down to buy a tube of toothpaste. Also, on more than one occasion the owner has given me a free Coke, which is an added benefit.

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