by Jordan Lidstrom

Living in Colombia I have come to find that almost every person you interact with is helpful, friendly, and hospitable. My pueblo, Suan, is no exception to that norm. This pueblo is filled with so many good citizens filled with love for their community. Although Suan was affected by a flood a few years ago that greatly impacted many pueblos on the south side of Atlantico, Suan only lost houses and crops on one side of the highway. This blessing has only made people that much more enamored with their beautiful town.

jordan 10

It is very possible you might hear a Suanero say it is the best pueblo in Atlantico! While I’m not sure that statement is true (Atlantico has so much beauty to offer!), I do know there are a lot of amazing places here in Suan.

jordan 7

For example, we live right next to the Rio Magdalena and have a river walk that gives you a nice place to relax as you stroll along, watch the sunset, or cheer your friend on at a soccer game. If you’d like a better view of the river and the whole pueblo, you can go to the top floor of the mayor’s office and get a better glimpse.

jordan 2

jordan 1

Our boat port is located right in the center of town next to the river, which is a great location for a quick day trip, you can take a ride on the boat to the pueblo right across the river. You can relax with some friends and enjoy some cold drinks. Near the port entrance is the best spot to grab some delicious salchipapas. Don’t worry if you come with a healthy appetite, there is a platter big enough for you!

jordan 3

If you are hoping to get active (after so many salchipapas) you can check out one of our three “nightclubs” and show off your dance moves. My favorite place is called La Trampa which has both indoor and outdoor dancing options. If you need some time to practice your dance skills, or just want to get in some exercise, you can check out the rumba terapia that happens every night in the church plaza.

jordan 9

jordan 6

You can finish the night with a freshly made juice. The best place is located near the plaza. (Lulo is my favorite!) On weekends and holidays you can come to the plaza to check out some beautiful cultural performances. If you’d rather find a spot to get away and do some reading, you can check out the benches in our school’s park. They fall perfectly under the shade right around 4 o’clock when the temperature is starting to cool down. Suan and its citizens have much to offer, yet it remains a beautifully humble pueblo. I’m thankful I’ve had the pleasure of being part of some of the best Suan has to offer.


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