Rain water

Man, Matthew…

You sure did a lot of damage this past weekend.

You brought a lot of rain, took out a lot of energy, teased us on and off with sporadic power, and proved the wrath of Mother Nature for days that felt like forever.

I stayed inside all day looking at my phone, gasping its last breath at 1 percent, and hearing its dying sound of blip, blip, blip.

My fan was just an antique on display.

Mosquitoes ate me alive so I grudgingly covered myself in long sleeves and pants over my sweaty body.

Then, I sprayed repellent on my feet because putting socks on would have just driven me nuts.

I tossed my expensive ham and cheese in the trash. Dinner will be bread and bread sandwich.

I never felt so sad and sticky.

However, each day you tortured us, my host mom, Diana, said one thing she thanked God for.

What could we possibly be thankful for in this terrible situation?!?!?!

Gracias a Dios que hoy es mas fresco que ayer.

Okay…you are right. Today sure is better than yesterday with the heat.

Gracias a Dios que tenemos agua.

Okay…you are right, again. I did take 4 showers.

Gracias a Dios que yo voté sin problemas hoy.

Okay…even with all the madness going on outside, I am glad you practiced your democratic rights safely.

Matthew, you have all the control right now.

I will just lie here with my book and Chihuahua, Lulu, and wait until you give me a little bit of control.


Thank you for making me realize …

That there is positivity in negative situations.

To never take for granted the air of my fan or power to charge electronic gadgets.

That if momma Diana and my vereda, Paz del Caribe, are not wavered by negativity, I can be just as strong.

That my relationship with Lulu just got even more special.

That I am adapting very well by not completely going crazy.

But, I won’t forgive you for the loss of my ham and cheese.


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