It Started with Rain


I thought that I’ve always hated rainy days.

October 1, 2016:

I woke up this morning to the gentle melodic tune of the rain, and woosh of tree tops whispering from limb to limb. I pulled the neglected sheets over my torso and for the first time, since my arrival to Colombia, I contemplated turning off the fan. Despite Mother Nature’s change of heart and to my surprise, I could still hear the habitual morning chant; a nasal, chesty bellow, “aguacaaaaate”, inviting the early-birds for business. I rolled over and peered out the window through slits of squinty eyes. Deep translucent tones of gray painted the sky, but the mango tree was vibrant as ever, glistening emerald green and saturated with joy. Apart from this dawning serenade, everything was silent. And in this moment I was thankful for peace that demands nothing and comes without discourse or deliberation.

At times, living in this country seems chaotic, frantic, discordant and down-right exhausting. But when I slow things down and compassionately remind myself to find peace and serenity in the abundance of little moments, I feel whole again. The people, places, sounds, climate, sights, tastes, and daily adventure in this beautiful country have taught me a unique patience and thoughtfulness. For this, I am grateful and #blessed to be adapting, transforming, growing, serving and learning in Colombia. And I love rainy days.

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