Staff Spotlight: Oscar Mejia Gallego

Editor’s note: Oscar will be leaving Peace Corps Colombia on November 25, 2016, after six years as our Training Manager.

Everyday from Monday to Friday, I go off at 4:30 am for a one-hour walk. The first thing I do after leaving my apartment is thank God for everything I have and do. This is a habit equivalent to Heaven. It is the perfect time for reflecting on my previous day, to make important decisions and to project my life within principles of love and respect for everybody. The time is perfect: birds singing, the city sleeping and quiet, low traffic. It’s the perfect atmosphere to be in harmonious connection with the universe.

Talking about gratitude, I thank God for all that happens in my entire life. Indeed Peace Corps is part of the events to be thankful for. Within Peace Corps I reinforced the importance of diversity and inclusion and be mindful of gender roles. When people ask me about what Peace Corps has been in my life, I tell them that is like being in the perfect land, respect for human beings, inclusion, transparency, and serving others.

The picture included below is from Salento in the coffee area; it represents me perfectly. The palm trees stand still looking ahead with light and clouds. The light means the wisdom I have gained and apply daily and the clouds those things I need to work on to keep growing as a human being. That means my need to keep working in my consciousness for the betterment of our dear universe.

Through my professional life something that has been striking me tremendously is the inequity of my country and the levels of poverty for the majority of Colombia. I will love to be part of the solution. To do so, I would like to be an independent professional working on three themes: coaching, strategic thinking, and entrepreneurship. I will work part of my time with vulnerable populations. My idea is working and living 10 months abroad as a local, and for two months visit those cities in the world that I feel connected to, including Prague, Budapest, Paris, New York, Seattle, Istanbul, Bruges, Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, and Tuscany. I would like to be an everlasting learner.

Tall palm trees in sunlight

One thought on “Staff Spotlight: Oscar Mejia Gallego

  1. Good luck to you Oscar! You helped me tremendously during my service to stay positive and always see the good. Let me know when you’re in Seattle!!!
    -Arielle Genther


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