The Importance of Diversity

importance-of-diversity-featureSo it popped into my head that I could contribute more than just translating and providing internet resources for Semana Cultura at my school. The idea came to me “How about I teach the kids a dance?” I started to think, “OK, what dance? It has to be something school appropriate.” Then I thought of the Cupid’s Shuffle.

I proposed the idea to my counterpart and friend Nazly the next day and she was all for it. I decided to save the link of the video to my phone to show it to her. She picked five girls from our 6th grade class to learn it. In the beginning, four of the girls were struggling while one picked it up so quickly. I was astonished.

We had about two afternoon practices before the show. It was decided that we would wear bandannas, particularly those with the design of the US flag. But when I went to the store, only one was in stock. So I was wearing the U.S bandanna while everyone else had the French flag. Nazly and I agreed that the girls and I would start the dance and others would follow. This is because The Cupid’s Shuffle is a line dance that’s usually not performed for people. Of course it ended up being a performance but hey, I went with the flow.

The dance was a success! I think the audience enjoyed it, and a few teachers congratulated me. This opportunity enabled me to get to know some of my students even better. I felt so happy to share some Black culture with the students at my school. Black culture and Black people are struggling in the U.S. This was an opportunity for me to embrace my Blackness and share it with others.

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