Where are they now: RPCVs after PC Colombia

It’s easy to wonder where the heck we can go from Peace Corps, so we asked RPCVs what they are doing now.


Aara Johnson, CII-5, TEL (English teaching)
Since finishing service in November 2015, I moved to Bogota for 5 months to volunteer at Fundación Escuela Nueva. I provided technical assistance in monitoring/evaluation on their education pedagogy model. I’ve been in the states since June 2016, working on English Learner (speak another language so they need English support) education policy and advocacy in Minnesota. Researching, doing stakeholder engagement, and consulting with the MN Department of Education on the education of English Learners who are immigrants/refugees or children of immigrants/refugees.



Kathleen Rodriguez, CII-6, TEL (English teaching)
I recently started working as a programs manager for an organization called 826 Valencia based in San Francisco. The organization was founded by author Dave Eggers, and works to provide writing workshops, after-school tutoring, and many other programs for underserved communities. The idea is to encourage literacy and creative writing among kids 6-18. I will be managing after-school and summer programs, Americorps associates, volunteers and interns.

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