Where are they now: RPCVs after PC Colombia

It’s easy to wonder where the heck we can go from Peace Corps, so we asked RPCVs what they are doing now.


Constance, the Inter-America and Pacific HQ team, and former PC Director Carrie Hessler- Radelet
The Inter-America and Pacific HQ team with former Peace Corps director Carrie Hessler- Radelet; Constance is in the center in black, to the left of Carrie

Constance Ray, CII-4, TEL (English teaching)

I was a TEL PCV 2012-2014 and now I work at PC HQ in DC as Desk Officer.  I currently cover Guatemala and Panama (with BIG dreams of one day being on the Colombia desk). As a Desk Officer, I liase between staff in country and staff here at HQ. This means calls with Country Director, Director of Programming & Training and Director of Management & Operations, and a bit of involvement in budget review. I also represent Post here at HQ when we have visitors, Ambassadors, etc. The most fun part though, is managing incoming training classes and coordinating Staging events. Really cool, because I can still have my eye on my favorite place, Colombia and learn how PC really works.




James Everett, CII-6, TEL (English teaching)

After my Peace Corps service I found work as a seasonal interpretive ranger at Yellowstone National Park. As an interpretive park ranger I was responsible for educating park visitors on the natural resources of the park such as thermal features and local flora and fauna, and I lived near the park in beautiful Gardiner, Montana, for the summer. I was also accepted into the M.A. in Latin American Studies program at the University of Florida with a full-ride scholarship and paid graduate assistantship. I started this fall. I plan to focus my thesis on the music and culture of Colombia’s Caribbean coast and I’m interested in producing ethnographic documentaries as part of my research. If all goes well I will be back on my beloved costa by the summer of 2018 conducting my thesis research!

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