The VAC Mini-Grant program is intended to support volunteers’ community initiatives by providing a streamlined source of small cash grants. However modest, PCVs have come to rely on the $50,000 COP (equal to approximately $17 USD) grants as a consistent and reliable crowd-funded financial resource. Since January 2016, VAC’s fundraising efforts have enabled us to distribute 26 mini-grants totaling $1,300,000 COP. Below you will find the most recent projects that were supported by the Mini-Grant program.


Community Cleanups

Angell Beal, CII-8 Practical English for Success (PES)

Thank you VAC for the mini-grant. I was able to use it towards my Paz del Caribe Park Project.

My Paz del Caribe Park Project is a project built upon several mini projects. As of today, we have done several aseos to expose the community to the idea of taking care of the environment, given a charla about composting, and cleaned the area by clearing dead tree trunks and taking down the old, broken park equipment.

The project’s goal is to work with the community and use the people’s manual labor, skills, and donations to build a clean and organized space where the community can gather, sit, and talk.

The funds went towards the snacks because we had a big turn out of around 60 members of the Civica Juvenil who participated in our clean-up. We not only cleaned up the park, but also the majority of my small village! With the support of my neighbors and Karen from another cohort, we were able to direct the village clean-up, give a small workshop about reducing plastic bag usage and littering, and rested with enough popcorn and agua panela for all.


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