Alexandra Chavarriaga is a Community Economic Development (CED) volunteer serving in La Guajira, Colombia.

Title: 35k Bike Ride in Dibulla, La Guajira

On my 30th birthday, I decided to take a bike ride for self-reflection. I’ve always found exercise to be therapeutic, even meditative, but I didn’t expect such a random surprise. February 21st, 2018 was pure magic thanks to the happenstance meeting of 4 sparkly-eyed kids, 1 horse called Luna, gorgeous nature sightings, and a pure river spring that runs from the top of the Sierra Nevada mountains all the way down to the Caribbean sea by Dibulla.

I have to go back to see those kids. I promised them piggie banks so they can start learning how to save money!

For those who might want to skip through the video to the more exciting moments:
Minute 3:08 – Hawk/Falcon/Eagle sighting
Minute 4:26 – Arrival to Rio Jerez, the river that flows from that Sierra Nevada mountain
Minute 5:24 – Met the kids Eliezer & Luis, and their horse Luna
Minute 7:00 – Met their sisters Ana & Mileidis who take me to bathe in the river
Minute 8:30 – Swim in the river with Luna and the kids
Minute 11:50 – “Canto de Gallo” flower sighting
Minute 12:26 – Sunset
Minute 13:52 – Finale at the beach, and then the end of the river Jerez

*Not seen in this video are the dozens of yellow butterflies that I saw along the way*

****Please excuse the bit of fingers that got in the way in the camera shot, and the lens smudge towards the end after the river swim****

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