75db1918-8377-4617-b61b-f5e102067024.jpgEric Brown is a Practical English for Success (PES) volunteer serving in a pueblo in Atlántico, Colombia.




I flow forth from giant stacks

Of metal and plastic and wires

Of neon paint and costeño pride


I fill the air

I possess your hearts

I infect your minds


Love me or hate me

You cannot escape me

Because here

I am omnipresent


I’m everywhere you expect me

And everywhere you don’t

Anytime, anywhere, I’m ready to pop

To make you stop

And just listen



And you will hear me roar!

I blare from patios, fincas, classrooms

From hills, rivers, plains, and shores

I touch every street corner

The countryside is filled

I am 100 percent TOO LOUD

But let’s crank the volume higher still


I have great strength

But I never work alone

My partner in crime

Right by my side

Everywhere I go



Together we rule

Together we reign

We have power over the masses

We cross the boundaries

Of all that divides

Of races and classes and political sides


We unite the people

We create the frenzy

That overflows the Colombian heart

We bring forth the joy

That overcomes the daily struggle


I, LA MUSICA, blast my melodies

And my sister, LA DANZA, compels the people to move

We are the heart and soul of Colombia


So come and listen

Fall under our enchantment

Let us serenade you

With this deafening happiness


And when you leave us

No matter where you roam

That rhythm in your step


And that ringing in your ear

Will never leave you

We’ll follow you home



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