My Peace Corps Playlist

Mixie McConnell is a Practical English for Success (PES) volunteer serving in a pueblo in La Guajira, Colombia.


The first and only time I have made a playlist was with my best friend in South Korea for our going away party. We had battled with feeling lonely and having too much free time, but we were fierce and sassy.

Our playlist celebrated being young women: feeling ourselves and moving forward.

Music has always captured different times in my life, bringing back the brightest and the saddest of memories. Oddly, I own little to no music since I am too cheap to actually buy songs and I am completely terrified of the bad karma I would get by downloading music illegally. Since living in Colombia, I have found my music on Soundcloud and YouTube.

So get on my level and enjoy this playlist, which includes a song for each month I have been in country.

January 2017


Missy Elliott – Work it

This month Missy’s new song came out, “I’m Better.” The music video is fabulous, to say the least. I loved it and basically binged on her music nonstop.

February 2017


Eve – Let Me Blow Ya Mind ft. Gwen Stefani

It isn’t surprising that from Missy Elliott I moved into other late 90’s early 2000’s classic jams. Training was stressful, so I needed a lot of pumping up.

March 2017


Matt Simons – Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)

This song has since been renamed “Cash and Please” by some of my closest lady friends at site. It always lifts my spirits and is a great shower song.

April 2017


Mat Randol – Something Neu

Finally, I swore in and moved to site. Surrounded by an abundance of new things, I was low-key overwhelmed. I found comfort in this song by a local Portland artist, because of the references made to familiar landmarks in my hometown.

May 2017


Blossom & HOT16 – So Cool

Blossom, another local Portland artist, was a new fave for a bit. She even had a playlist on SoundCloud for breaking up to! I tried to be her friend while in Portland, but I don’t think I was cool enough for her, and yet this song really jived with me. No hard feelings, Blossom.

June 2017


woolbeanie – The Loft

At the time he went by Quaz, but he does actually wear a beanie all the time. Though he isn’t from Portland, I met him and his wife there. So. Many. Good. Tracks. On. Soundcloud. Enjoy.

July 2017


H.E.R. – focus

Like I said, Quaz creates awesome tracks to wiggle to. The longer track he made includes numerous sultry songs and because of his mixes, I discovered H.E.R.

August 2017



I love how joyfully this song talks about heartbreak. It makes it sound hip and fun. Such a contradiction. Such is life.

September 2017


Black Pop – “Guárdate esta song”

I met this band in person. We swam in the ocean as the sun came up and they dedicated songs to me at their concerts in Santa Marta. These memories and their music really cheered me up when I was struggling with my service.

October 2017


The Internet – Special Affair

Am I the one singing or the one being sung about? Regardless, this song is sexy and deserves a wiggle.

November 2017


Foals – Spanish Sahara

SoundCloud has something called the Upload, which plays songs suggested based on what you listen to. The universe brought me this song and it was beautifully calming.

December 2017


Cansebrero – any and all his songs

After a failed attempt at showing some of my family the coast of Colombia, I ran away to Bogota and hid in the company of some Venezuelan friends. Lots of cigarettes, coffee, and Cansebrero.

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