Andrew Torro is a Practical English for Success (PES) volunteer serving in a pueblo in Atlántico, Colombia.

Throughout the first 10 months of my service, I have have been working alongside the administration of Escuela Normal Superior de Manatí. Throughout my time there, I have been getting to know my counterparts better as well as developing good working relationships with the school staff. Amid the business and frequent chaos involved with planning, keeping to schedules, and managing classrooms full of restless students, I have always felt appreciated.

Since day one on campus, the Normal has accepted me and my work with open arms. Though it may be hard to get things done some days or witness inexplicable things pertaining to school culture, there are frequent reminders that I am a part of the Normal family. Whether it’s always being invited to staff meetings, receiving a binder notebook with my full name printed on the cover at a despedida, sitting with profes on stage and handing out diplomas at a promoción, or being invited to be the Rey Momo de Programa, these acts of kindness and inclusiveness have been an encouragement to me as a volunteer profe.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve at the Normal and I am humbled to be a part of its family. I look forward to another year of working closely with my counterparts and school staff in accomplishing future objectives.


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