Sybelle VanAntwerp is a Community Economic Development (CED) volunteer serving in Magdalena, Colombia. - Just get to your community, I tell myself. First quietly, inside my head. Yet as I continue my morning tasks, time seems to melt around me, becoming viscous. I wear it around my neck. My heart quickens. I say it again … Continue reading Arrival


Sancocho: A Recipe for Community Building

- Sybelle VanAntwerp and Ivette Aguilar are Community Economic Development (CED) volunteers serving in pueblos in Sucre, Colombia and Magdalena, Colombia, respectively. The original version of this article was a speech for the CII-11 swearing-in ceremony, delivered in Spanish by Ivette Aguilar. It was developed based on common experiences and input from the cohort during … Continue reading Sancocho: A Recipe for Community Building