Ten-Go CED Wrap-Up

CII-7 group photo

On November 2, 2015, 10 Peace Corps Response Volunteers arrived in Colombia. We had 11 months to pilot the nascent Community and Economic Development (CED) program. We represented many years of accumulated experience in varied environments, with several recent Peace Corps volunteers and several who had been volunteers many years ago. Many had multiple other … Continue reading Ten-Go CED Wrap-Up


Words of Encouragement for Volunteers

by Cydronia Valdez “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, indeed it’s the only thing that has”. Margaret Mead Yo vengo de todas partes, Hacia todas partes voy. Arte soy entre los artes, En los montes, monte soy. Con los pobres de la tierra, Quiero mi suerte echar. El arroyo … Continue reading Words of Encouragement for Volunteers

An Introduction to C-II-7 and Community Economic Development Project

by Christopher Fay My name is Christopher Fay (RPCV Nicaragua 2008-10) and I want to introduce C-II-7 and our project.  We are the first group of Community Economic Development (CED) specialists in Colombia. We are all RPCVs from Thailand, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Burundi, Ukraine, and Ecuador. We all served … Continue reading An Introduction to C-II-7 and Community Economic Development Project