Clearing the Fog of Negativity

Brianna Thompson is a Practical English for Success (PES) volunteer serving in a pueblo in Atlántico, Colombia.   Early on in every Peace Corps Volunteer’s service, they become very aware of threats to mental health. The topic is touched on during Pre-Service Training by both medical staff and Peace Corps Volunteer Leaders; all trainees discuss … Continue reading Clearing the Fog of Negativity


VAC Mini-Grant Program

Pictures from our VAC grant winners

For those of you that don't know, the VAC Mini-Grant program is intended to support volunteers' community initiatives by providing a streamlined source of small cash grants. However modest, PCVs have come to rely on the $50,000 COP (equal to approximately $17 USD) grants as a consistent and reliable crowd-funded financial resource. Since January 2016, … Continue reading VAC Mini-Grant Program

Notes of Gratitude from Peace Corps Colombia

Gratitude and clouds

Geralyn Sheehan, Country Director I’m thankful to be here in Colombia with all of you.  I believe there are no coincidences.  Each of us is here, at this time, in this place to be in each other’s lives, to influence and support each other, to learn from each other and to enjoy each other.  I’m … Continue reading Notes of Gratitude from Peace Corps Colombia

CII-8: Commitment to Service Statements

by Brianna Thompson There were countless times during my cohort's pre-service training where I thought, "I am so lucky to be in the presence of these people," but never so much as during our Commitment to Service ceremony.  Our Commitment to Service was a private ceremony (meaning only the Peace Corps trainees, the volunteer leader, … Continue reading CII-8: Commitment to Service Statements