VAC Mini-Grant Program

Photos showcasing projects

As CII-6 prepares to end our service, we have also transferred fundraising efforts and Mini-Grant distribution responsibilities to the CII-8 VAC (Volunteer Advisory Council) representatives: Trevor Johnson and Helena Vonk. We've been thrilled to see how the Mini-Grant program has grown over the past year and have especially enjoyed seeing the projects that have benefited … Continue reading VAC Mini-Grant Program


Host Family Spotlight: Zulmira Cabrera

by Trevor Johnson For those who ever had the pleasure of coming to my house during pre-service training, you know the love of Zulmira. She was my host mom during training, but continues to be my host mom every day.  We whatsapp almost daily and I’ve visited her several times since we have moved to … Continue reading Host Family Spotlight: Zulmira Cabrera

CII-8: Commitment to Service Statements

by Brianna Thompson There were countless times during my cohort's pre-service training where I thought, "I am so lucky to be in the presence of these people," but never so much as during our Commitment to Service ceremony.  Our Commitment to Service was a private ceremony (meaning only the Peace Corps trainees, the volunteer leader, … Continue reading CII-8: Commitment to Service Statements