VAC Mini-Grant Recipients

VAC Project pictures

The VAC Mini-Grant program is intended to support volunteers' community initiatives by providing a streamlined source of small cash grants. However modest, PCVs have come to rely on the $50,000 COP (equal to approximately $17 USD) grants as a consistent and reliable crowd-funded financial resource. Since January 2016, VAC's fundraising efforts have enabled us to … Continue reading VAC Mini-Grant Recipients


What PC Service is like as a Costeña-Americana

Dezi is a Community Economic Development (CED) volunteer serving in a pueblo in Bolívar, Colombia. - When I submitted my application to serve in the Peace Corps my expectation was to be placed in any Community Economic Development (CED) sector in Africa or Eastern Europe. When the Peace Corps invited me to the Caribbean Coast … Continue reading What PC Service is like as a Costeña-Americana

Buen provecho: Miami-style Black Beans

Miami-style black beans

Dezi Abreu lives in the department of Bolívar, as a Community Economic Development volunteer promoting financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills.  -    This is a recipe that is a staple for my diet, because I can make a large batch and pop individual portions in the freezer as I need them. Being raised in Miami, … Continue reading Buen provecho: Miami-style Black Beans