An Introduction to C-II-7 and Community Economic Development Project

by Christopher Fay My name is Christopher Fay (RPCV Nicaragua 2008-10) and I want to introduce C-II-7 and our project.  We are the first group of Community Economic Development (CED) specialists in Colombia. We are all RPCVs from Thailand, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Burundi, Ukraine, and Ecuador. We all served … Continue reading An Introduction to C-II-7 and Community Economic Development Project


Peace Corps Colombia: What We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving Season

We have different experiences, different backgrounds, and we’re at different stages of service, but we have one thing in common. We all have something that we’re thankful for. Here’s what Peace Corps Colombia staff and volunteers are thankful for this Thanksgiving season. James Everett, CII-6 PCV: I'm thankful that things never turn out how I … Continue reading Peace Corps Colombia: What We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving Season

Creating HEROes One S’more At A Time

By Danny Butterfoss Test results are still being analyzed. It’s too early to measure long-term impact, but according to everyone involved, Peace Corps Colombia’s inaugural Camp HERO was a rousing success. Held from October 9th through October 23th at the IED Agroindustrial de Minca, about forty-five minutes outside Santa Marta, Camp HERO (Health, Equality, Respect, … Continue reading Creating HEROes One S’more At A Time

Tindering the Night Away

By Kathryn Tucker Let me preface this article by saying that I spent most of 2012-2014 in a remote village in Uganda during my first Peace Corps assignment. My dating prospects were rather…nonexistent. Fast-forward a few months, and one Peace Corps Response Application later. I’m settling into the bustling city of Cartagena, solterita and twenty-something … Continue reading Tindering the Night Away

VAC Grants

By Aara Johnson For up to 50.000 COP in cash, you can realize smaller projects in a faster way with VAC Mini Grants, rather than going through more official channels. The grant can be used for things like: making copies, buying snacks and supplies (pens, notebooks, colors), or doing something that would make a difference with … Continue reading VAC Grants

Tale of the “Most Village”

By Kathryn Tucker During my COS conference in Uganda, my group voted on superlatives for each of the volunteers. Like in your high school yearbook, when you voted for "most likely to succeed" or "best smile," except these superlatives were more along the lines of "most likely to be up in a tree" and "most … Continue reading Tale of the “Most Village”

Counterpart Spotlight: Molina for Mayor 2021

By Danny Butterfoss As the birthday song blasts and “FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS DANNY BUTTERFOSS” scrolls across the tiny bar’s single TV screen, I look over to the wiry young costeño in the makeshift DJ booth, dressed in his usual form-fitting t-shirt and jeans. As he acknowledges me with a wink and a thumbs-up, I think of … Continue reading Counterpart Spotlight: Molina for Mayor 2021

Healthy Projects, Healthy Communities

Many of your fellow PCVs have been doing some pretty great health-related projects in their communities. Here's a sampling of them brought to you by the Health Promotion Committee. El Silencio Goes Cookbook Healthy by Lindsey Thielmann This year has been filled with bananas, wheat bread, peanut butter, positive body image, English directions, and nutrition … Continue reading Healthy Projects, Healthy Communities