Creating HEROes One S’more At A Time

By Danny Butterfoss Test results are still being analyzed. It’s too early to measure long-term impact, but according to everyone involved, Peace Corps Colombia’s inaugural Camp HERO was a rousing success. Held from October 9th through October 23th at the IED Agroindustrial de Minca, about forty-five minutes outside Santa Marta, Camp HERO (Health, Equality, Respect, … Continue reading Creating HEROes One S’more At A Time


VAC Grants

By Aara Johnson For up to 50.000 COP in cash, you can realize smaller projects in a faster way with VAC Mini Grants, rather than going through more official channels. The grant can be used for things like: making copies, buying snacks and supplies (pens, notebooks, colors), or doing something that would make a difference with … Continue reading VAC Grants

Counterpart Spotlight: Molina for Mayor 2021

By Danny Butterfoss As the birthday song blasts and “FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS DANNY BUTTERFOSS” scrolls across the tiny bar’s single TV screen, I look over to the wiry young costeño in the makeshift DJ booth, dressed in his usual form-fitting t-shirt and jeans. As he acknowledges me with a wink and a thumbs-up, I think of … Continue reading Counterpart Spotlight: Molina for Mayor 2021