Never Going Home: Alexis Huth

By Caitlin Webb Alexis Huth was a CII-5 volunteer in Santa Marta whose service was cut short against her will due to security issues. Despite the setback, Lexi served and continues to serve her community with thoughtfulness, creativity, and an open heart and mind. What were some positive and negative aspects of your Peace Corps … Continue reading Never Going Home: Alexis Huth


Costeños Saludables

By Alexis Huth Peace Corps: Seeking individuals who can provide creative and resourceful ideas at any given time, endure major life changes (all at once) while remaining calm and mentally at peace, learn/enhance yourself in a foreign language and then survive on it, and at the end of the day, go journal, jog, or do … Continue reading Costeños Saludables

What’s the Wellness Anthology?

By Lexi Huth and Megan Birnbaum Looking for a resource to stay or become a healthy Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV)? Then you’re looking for the Wellness Anthology! While PCVs have been eager to help those in their host communities, they also have had sincere interest in the well-being of their compadres. The Wellness Anthology was … Continue reading What’s the Wellness Anthology?

English for Everybody

By Lexi Huth “Oh, entonces, ¿no es posible? ¿Que podemos hacer en vez de eso?” The answer I received was nothing more than a shrug and an unsympathetic, “No sé.” I was expecting something to fall through, but I hadn’t imagined that it would be our location for the event… twice (after official confirmations by the director.) Somehow, … Continue reading English for Everybody