VAC Mini-Grant Program

Photos showcasing projects

As CII-6 prepares to end our service, we have also transferred fundraising efforts and Mini-Grant distribution responsibilities to the CII-8 VAC (Volunteer Advisory Council) representatives: Trevor Johnson and Helena Vonk. We've been thrilled to see how the Mini-Grant program has grown over the past year and have especially enjoyed seeing the projects that have benefited … Continue reading VAC Mini-Grant Program


Camp GLOW 2016

by Jessi Atha After 9 months of planning, Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) came and went in a blink of an eye. On June 27th, twenty-eight participants, eight Peace Corps counselors, four Peace Corps directors, one Colombian director and 6 junior counselors arrived in Minca for a week of self-discovery, fun, and laughter. On … Continue reading Camp GLOW 2016

From the Cornfields to the Coast; Volunteer Spotlight-Michael Owen

By Jessi Atha When Oíste asked me to write a volunteer spotlight on Michael Owen, I figured I wouldn’t even have to interview him. The man is so open and outgoing, not to mention I thought I knew all there was to know about him, since he is my site mate. I realized there is … Continue reading From the Cornfields to the Coast; Volunteer Spotlight-Michael Owen