Where are they now: RPCVs after PC Colombia

It's easy to wonder where the heck we can go from Peace Corps, so we asked RPCVs what they are doing now.   Aara Johnson, CII-5, TEL (English teaching) Since finishing service in November 2015, I moved to Bogota for 5 months to volunteer at Fundación Escuela Nueva. I provided technical assistance in monitoring/evaluation on … Continue reading Where are they now: RPCVs after PC Colombia


Staff Spotlight: Johan Villafañe Torres

by Kathleen Rodriguez This month’s office MVP award goes to Johan. He’s our beloved driver, package deliverer, and passport specialist (and those are just his official duties). Johan is siempre a la orden and always attends us with a smile and good conversation. We’re quite sure Peace Corps operations would not function effectively without him. … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Johan Villafañe Torres

FICCI Movie Reviews

Letters from War by Christopher Gordon On the weekend of March 4th, I met some volunteers in Cartagena for FICCI: Festival Internacional Cine Colombia de Indias. The first movie of the weekend that we watched was Cartas da Guerra, a 2016 Portuguese film directed by Ivo M. Ferreira. Shot in black-and-white, the film details the … Continue reading FICCI Movie Reviews

It’s Time to Meet the New Jefe

by Kathleen Rodriguez She’s finally here. Everyone has been waiting anxiously for the chance to meet her to find out: who is it that sits behind the country director’s desk? The Oíste team was happy to have the opportunity to speak with Geralyn Sheehan, Peace Corps Colombia’s new Country Director. Geralyn has a career background … Continue reading It’s Time to Meet the New Jefe

The Two New Faces of Peace Corps Colombia

By Kathleen Rodriguez It’s been a year of change for Peace Corps Colombia. Between shifting from an urban focus to a rural one, saying goodbye to old staff members, and welcoming a new country director, it’s been a whirlwind. We’re happy to say we’ve survived. In retrospect, the whirlwind wasn’t so bad; it brought us … Continue reading The Two New Faces of Peace Corps Colombia

Quilleras Unidas: An Unexpected Meeting of the Minds

By Kathleen Rodriguez and Barbara Alvarado Off-limits and red-zone: two simple words that have the uncanny ability to produce a long sigh and a slight roll of the eyes. As volunteers, we hate these words. They signify a change that we’re not ready for. How are we going to continue our secondary projects? How will … Continue reading Quilleras Unidas: An Unexpected Meeting of the Minds

VAC Grants

By Aara Johnson For up to 50.000 COP in cash, you can realize smaller projects in a faster way with VAC Mini Grants, rather than going through more official channels. The grant can be used for things like: making copies, buying snacks and supplies (pens, notebooks, colors), or doing something that would make a difference with … Continue reading VAC Grants