Jaime and Sammy

Throughout my time living in Usiacurí I have met many people. Some collaborated with me on projects; some were students, while others just knew me as the sweaty foreigner who passed by their houses everyday. There were only a handful of people who became genuine friends of mine – and Jaime was one of them. … Continue reading Jaime


Photo Essay: Partial Tour of Antioquia

by Sammy Quezada During this holiday break I had the opportunity to visit several cities in the department of Antioquia. Medellín served as the launching point to Jardín and Jericó, both of which are in southwest Antioquia. From there, I traveled North to Santa Fe de Antioquia, which was an early colonial city, the original … Continue reading Photo Essay: Partial Tour of Antioquia

“¿Y los pela’os que?”

By Sammy Quezada Before I arrived to this country, I had always wanted work in a youth center of some sort. I have extensive background having worked throughout different departments of a youth center, and I wanted to implement my craft here. Initially living in Barranquilla, I was always on the lookout for a community … Continue reading “¿Y los pela’os que?”

Displaced Volunteers: A Commitment to Service

By Sammy Quezada Arriving to Barranquilla was an overwhelming experience, so many lights, so many sounds, all the trees painted with various colors, an abundance of people that matched that of a metropolitan area back home, and music played everywhere. I wasn’t sure if this suited me, but having gone through Pre-service Training, and being … Continue reading Displaced Volunteers: A Commitment to Service