Who Run the World? Girls! Camp GLOW Colombia 2014

By Aara Johnson From June 17th to 20th, twenty-eight 10th grade girls from Barranquilla, Campo de la Cruz, Cartagena, Minca, Puerto Colombia, Santa Marta, and Suan experienced the first Camp GLOW Colombia in Minca, Magdalena. You might have heard about Camp GLOW–which stands for Girls Leading Our World–happening in other Peace Corps countries, but thanks … Continue reading Who Run the World? Girls! Camp GLOW Colombia 2014


Healthy Projects, Healthy Communities

Many of your fellow PCVs have been doing some pretty great health-related projects in their communities. Here's a sampling of them brought to you by the Health Promotion Committee. El Silencio Goes Cookbook Healthy by Lindsey Thielmann This year has been filled with bananas, wheat bread, peanut butter, positive body image, English directions, and nutrition … Continue reading Healthy Projects, Healthy Communities

Technical IST Recap

by Andrew Mulvaney Throughout the month of May, I had the great privilege of being selected to co-facilitate the TEL Technical IST for CII-5 Volunteers. With the wonderful support from our TEL Program and Training Staff, together we carried out sessions in Barranquilla, Santa Marta, and Cartagena. In each city, both Volunteers and counterparts showed … Continue reading Technical IST Recap

English for Everybody

By Lexi Huth “Oh, entonces, ¿no es posible? ¿Que podemos hacer en vez de eso?” The answer I received was nothing more than a shrug and an unsympathetic, “No sé.” I was expecting something to fall through, but I hadn’t imagined that it would be our location for the event… twice (after official confirmations by the director.) Somehow, … Continue reading English for Everybody

Celebrating Asian American Heritage in Colombia

by Aara Johnson On May 30th, Peace Corps Volunteers, staff, and a few Colombian friends celebrated Asian-American and Pacific-Islander Heritage Month at the Peace Corps office. President Obama declared May to be a celebratory month for those cultures and encouraged observation with appropriate activities and programs. Stephanie Sheffield and I both have Filipino heritage and … Continue reading Celebrating Asian American Heritage in Colombia

Staff Spotlight: Leandra Vidal

By Andrew Mulvaney 1. Colombia tiene mucha variedad en cuanto a sus culturas, cada región siendo distinta. ¿Has vivido en otras regiones de Colombia? ¿Sí no, donde te gustaría conocer mejor? Sí, he vivido en otras regiones de Colombia. Viví en Bogotá por casi 20 años. Fue muy interesante la experiencia ya que compartí con … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Leandra Vidal

Counterpart Spotlight: Edwin Varela Guerrero

By Andrew Mulvaney I am very thankful to have Edwin José Varela Guerrero as one of my counterparts, and, even more so, as a friend. We started working together six months ago, when he came in as a new English teacher at my site, Institución Educativa Distrital de La Paz. Teaching 4th and 5th grade, … Continue reading Counterpart Spotlight: Edwin Varela Guerrero

Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Doyle

By Nina Puga 1. So tell us a little bit about yourself—where are you from, what did you study, what is your life dream, etc?    I am from a small town right on the Mississippi River in the middle of Minnesota named Sauk Rapids. Way back in the day, it was in the running … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Doyle

The Others that Live Here

by Regina M. Ernst I woke up early, before the sun had fully risen, in my mini-apartment. I stumbled in the dark into my connected bathroom to discover a cockroach slowly plodding along the dim tile. He was one of those giant cockroaches, the kind that probably have wings and clumsily bump into things, the … Continue reading The Others that Live Here

The Best Black Beans You’ve Ever Had in Your Life

from the kitchen of Stephanie Sheffield These black beans are absolutely delicious and can be used in different ways once prepared. I usually eat them one of the following ways: stuffed in an arepa rellena, alongside brown rice and fresh salad, in a baked empanada, or mixed in a food processor and served as dip … Continue reading The Best Black Beans You’ve Ever Had in Your Life

Why I Love the World Cup

By Jason Cochran By the time these words are being read, Argentina will have lifted the cup, and Messi will have replaced Maradona as Argentina’s demigod, and Maradona will enter a permanent identity crisis that he will not overcome. Throughout the past month we have been consumed with this quadrennial worldwide celebration, and especially consumed … Continue reading Why I Love the World Cup

Island Immersion

by Nathan Mullen Greetings from the beautiful island of Providence! Both Caroline and I have enjoyed the past few weeks, taking on new challenges including learning a new language, avoiding jellyfish in the ocean, and trying new foods. Working for the Ministry of Education’s Immersion Program has allowed the two of us to work directly … Continue reading Island Immersion