“Social” Work

By Caleb and Alex Reed The first few months at site can be tough, everybody knows that. New community, new routines, less contact with the outside world, heck, less food and water! One of the things that was particularly challenging for us was the shocking transition between the rigid schedule of training and the sudden … Continue reading “Social” Work


Living While Black

By Amanda JJC Carrington There is something incredibly comforting about anonymity. To be able to walk down the street without a second glance is a blessing. I’ve found that the ability to blend in relies heavily on your racial identity. Despite US cultural insistence on “color-blindness” (which is problematic as it dismisses an integral aspect of … Continue reading Living While Black

Quilleras Unidas: An Unexpected Meeting of the Minds

By Kathleen Rodriguez and Barbara Alvarado Off-limits and red-zone: two simple words that have the uncanny ability to produce a long sigh and a slight roll of the eyes. As volunteers, we hate these words. They signify a change that we’re not ready for. How are we going to continue our secondary projects? How will … Continue reading Quilleras Unidas: An Unexpected Meeting of the Minds

Illustrating Salento

By Sarah Shaw Drawing scenes from my daily life in Colombia has given me the opportunity to really observe my surroundings, slow down and reflect. A few weeks ago, I ventured to Salento, a small town in Colombia's Coffee Triangle. Surrounded by lush vegetation, patterned houses, and sprawling mountains, I knew this environment would inspire … Continue reading Illustrating Salento

Counterpart Spotlight: Geyhler Vizcaino Molina

By Rick Grijalva Geyhler Vizcaino Molina is a creative and curious Costeña who enjoys spending time with her family, painting, and relaxing with her cat. She teaches English at SENA, holds degrees in International Trade and Business Management, and is currently studying Computer Science. We began working together at SENA four months ago when she … Continue reading Counterpart Spotlight: Geyhler Vizcaino Molina

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

By Aara Johnson In college, I thought the Gender Studies major/minor was unnecessary and only the crazy feminists studied it. I never thought of myself as a feminist, because let’s face it, most people scoff or turn away from the word. In graduate school, I took a course called Gender, Education, and Development. Throughout the … Continue reading Girls Just Wanna Have Fun