From the Editors: November 2014

Saludos Peace Corps Colombia and friends, This month's issue is titled, "Welcome to the Coast." In less than two weeks, 33 members of CII-6 will finish training, swear in as volunteers, and move to their new sites. Congratulations to all! At the same time, we must say goodbye to our country director, George Baldino. We'll … Continue reading From the Editors: November 2014


There’s a New President in Town

By Rick Grijalva Aara Johnson has recently been elected President of The Volunteer Advisory Committee (VAC). Aara is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the lakes and parks make the city a paradise, and where pockets of art and music add a vibrant cultural touch. I interviewed Aara with the goal of providing a unique opportunity for … Continue reading There’s a New President in Town

The Newest Member of Our Peace Corps Family

By Nereida Angulo Only two weeks after being showered with gifts and lots of love at his baby shower, Miguelangel showed up to the world. He came a month earlier than he was supposed to, but he was so ready to experience firsthand all of the love that he already felt from inside his mommy. … Continue reading The Newest Member of Our Peace Corps Family

No Idea Too Small

By Regina M. Ernst There's often a lot of hype surrounding secondary projects in Peace Corps Colombia. When you work in a small community (or a large, conducive one), secondary projects are beneficial, exciting, and serve as a break from the, at times, lackluster routine of co-teaching or, in some cases, direct teaching. However, some … Continue reading No Idea Too Small

High School Photography Camps in La Boquilla and Manzanillo del Mar

By Sarah Shaw This past month, my Peace Corps neighbor, Francis Ramos, and I led two photo camps at our sites, encouraging groups of 15 motivated students to reflect on two important themes: family roots and the meaning of hope. Francis and I both live north of Cartagena; she lives in Manzanillo del Mar, a … Continue reading High School Photography Camps in La Boquilla and Manzanillo del Mar

Ethnic Diversity and Opportunities on the Coast

By Taylor Ramsey The Northern coast of Colombia is not only bursting with myriad sounds, tropical flavors and dance but also a rich ethnic diversity with indigenous peoples and Afro-Colombians. One of the largest indigenous groups in Colombia, the Wayuu, can be found in Magdalena and the Guajira and there are four indigenous groups in … Continue reading Ethnic Diversity and Opportunities on the Coast

Serving on San Andrés

By Stephanie Sheffield To serve as a Peace Corps volunteer on the coast of Colombia is such a blessing. I am able to jog in the morning while enjoying gorgeous views of the Sierra Nevada mountains, spend weekends at beautiful local beaches, and slow down my North American-paced rhythm of life to adjust to a … Continue reading Serving on San Andrés

What’s the Wellness Anthology?

By Lexi Huth and Megan Birnbaum Looking for a resource to stay or become a healthy Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV)? Then you’re looking for the Wellness Anthology! While PCVs have been eager to help those in their host communities, they also have had sincere interest in the well-being of their compadres. The Wellness Anthology was … Continue reading What’s the Wellness Anthology?

Students, Businesspeople and Agencies Network at Inaugural FIT: Feria del Inglés de Trabajo

By Shanna Crumley Peace Corps Colombia’s first FIT business English fair, designed to create a forum for networking between the private and public sectors and to address the utility of English in the workplace, brought together professionals from 16 local and international businesses and organizations and over 1,000 area high school English students and their … Continue reading Students, Businesspeople and Agencies Network at Inaugural FIT: Feria del Inglés de Trabajo

Counterpart Spotlight: Gerardo Gil Peralta

By Thomas Nolan One of the greatest aspects of my service thus far has been my relationship with my counterpart Gerardo Gil Peralta. Gerardo and I first met on October 21, 2013 in the Hotel Charthon at the Counterpart Conference. He has taken a liking to the Peace Corps, and has befriended many of the … Continue reading Counterpart Spotlight: Gerardo Gil Peralta

Better Than Home: I Balconi aka “The Pasta Place”

By Regina M. Ernst Many of us remember that fateful day during PST when we sat down to what appeared to be an unsuspicious spaghetti dinner with our first host families, only to discover that the pale red sauce clinging from the steaming pasta was ketchup. It's registered in our collective memory, that moment when … Continue reading Better Than Home: I Balconi aka “The Pasta Place”

Three Graphic Novels from Around the World

By Sarah Shaw Graphic novels are not only fantastical stories about superheroes and science fiction. Lately I’ve been reading a selection of (mostly) nonfiction graphic novels that simply tell stories through the combination of text and illustrations. From a Cuban love story to growing up in the midst of the Islamic Revolution to life as an … Continue reading Three Graphic Novels from Around the World