Now and Then: 25 Years Of Peace Corps Colombia

By Kathleen Rodriguez and Barbara Alvarado This year is remarkable in that it marks the 25th anniversary of Peace Corps in Colombia (1961-1981 and 2010-present).  Peace Corps volunteers who were first here in the 1960's will tell you that a lot has changed.  Big malls, movie theaters and traffic replace once open fields of grass and … Continue reading Now and Then: 25 Years Of Peace Corps Colombia


Peace Corps Colombia: What We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving Season

We have different experiences, different backgrounds, and we’re at different stages of service, but we have one thing in common. We all have something that we’re thankful for. Here’s what Peace Corps Colombia staff and volunteers are thankful for this Thanksgiving season. James Everett, CII-6 PCV: I'm thankful that things never turn out how I … Continue reading Peace Corps Colombia: What We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving Season

The Mazzino Band: Now and Then

By Rick Grijalva It all began with a conversation I had with Peter when I was fresh off the plane. We were hanging out in Hotel Caribe at a Peace Corps get-together, where boxed wine and the smell of feet circulated around the little crowded room. We were talking about music and I mentioned that … Continue reading The Mazzino Band: Now and Then

Creating HEROes One S’more At A Time

By Danny Butterfoss Test results are still being analyzed. It’s too early to measure long-term impact, but according to everyone involved, Peace Corps Colombia’s inaugural Camp HERO was a rousing success. Held from October 9th through October 23th at the IED Agroindustrial de Minca, about forty-five minutes outside Santa Marta, Camp HERO (Health, Equality, Respect, … Continue reading Creating HEROes One S’more At A Time

The Toughest Job I’ll Ever Love Even Though It Didn’t Love Me

By Aara Johnson My Peace Corps journey has been a wild one. I have a higher tolerance for ambiguity, change, and disappointment. Let’s start with when I applied: December 2011. My phone interview was strange in that the recruiter told me Latin America was not an option for me. “There’s no English teaching in that … Continue reading The Toughest Job I’ll Ever Love Even Though It Didn’t Love Me

The Best of Santo Tomas

By Alex Torres Santo Tomas is a peri-urban pueblo outside the city on the south eastern side of the Atlántico department. It takes about 50 minutes to get from the center of Barranquilla to Santo Tomas, and is about 25 minutes south of the airport. Santo Tomas has roughly 35,000 people, most who have jobs … Continue reading The Best of Santo Tomas

October VAC Mini Grants

The purpose of the VAC mini-grants is to offer 50,000 Colombian pesos in cash to realize smaller projects rather than going through more official, drawn-out channels such as SPA, PCPP, or AMCHAM. It can be used for things like making copies, buying snacks, other supplies (pens, notebooks, colors), or anything else that would make a difference … Continue reading October VAC Mini Grants

Counterpart Spot Light: Diego Alejandro Guerrero Rodríguez

The Man with a Whole Lot of Plans By Casey Keating You know him as, “Diego.” I know him as, “Alejandro.” Teachers call him, “Alejo.” Students call him, “Profe”. However once you’ve been introduced, you’re probably already aware that Diego Alejandro Guerrero Rodríguez is an awesome guy.  You’ve heard me say enough times that he’s … Continue reading Counterpart Spot Light: Diego Alejandro Guerrero Rodríguez

Best of Usiacurí

By Samuel Quezada Wedged between the more populated municipios of Baranoa and Sabanalarga, Usiacurí brags tranquility with its population of roughly fourteen thousand people. The name comes from two different indigenous tribal leaders named Usia and Curí. Put them together and bam! You get Usiacurí. At one point in time, it was known as a … Continue reading Best of Usiacurí

Where I’d Be Without Peace Corps

By Jenna Glickman If there wasn’t a Peace Corps, where would you be right now? I was recently asked this question, and with my time in Colombia coming to a close in just a few short weeks, it seemed like a good moment to reflect. I reasoned that I’d be back home for the holidays … Continue reading Where I’d Be Without Peace Corps

Volunteer Spotlight: Gene Rutan

By Katrina Castner As I clumsily disembarked from the bus in Viaven, I looked up to see Gene Rutan walking towards me, his huge smile thrown into shadow by his characteristic wide-brimmed hat. When I think of integration I think of Gene.  Despite the fact that he towers over the majority of the Colombians he … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Gene Rutan

Never Going Home

By Caleb Reed Since there are quite a number of PC Colombia volunteers who have decided to return to Colombia or who have stayed after their service, Oíste was interested in finding out why. Is it the natural beauty and diversity? Is it the sweltering heat and mosquitos? Is it for the love of a … Continue reading Never Going Home

Staff Spotlight: Dra. Rosario Montecinos

By Esther Fiebig She’s one of the office staff members we keep on speed dial. We call her when we’ve eaten contaminated chuzos from the centro. We call her when we’ve been over zealous in soccer and have suffered an injury. We call her when we’ve got Chikungunya and are convinced we’re dying. We call … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Dra. Rosario Montecinos

Best Friends Work Best

By Alberto Páez En el largo caminar de la vida, nos vamos encontrando miles de personajes, unos desaparecen así como llegaron, otros hacen parte de nuestra vida sólo por un rato; pero hay unos que dejan huella en nuestras vidas para siempre. Así es mi voluntario estrella, así le llamo, es mi gran amigo, mi … Continue reading Best Friends Work Best

At the Show: Concert Review

By Christopher Gordon A Night of Colombian Indie Rock September 18, 2015 I went to the Barranquilla Indie Rock Music Festival at El Callejón, located on Cra 43 and Calle 70. It was a cool outdoor bar with a big stage. For some reason it was sponsored by Budweiser and not a Colombian brand. The thing … Continue reading At the Show: Concert Review