Notes of Gratitude from Peace Corps Colombia

Gratitude and clouds

Geralyn Sheehan, Country Director I’m thankful to be here in Colombia with all of you.  I believe there are no coincidences.  Each of us is here, at this time, in this place to be in each other’s lives, to influence and support each other, to learn from each other and to enjoy each other.  I’m … Continue reading Notes of Gratitude from Peace Corps Colombia


Hurricane Matthew

Rain water

Man, Matthew… You sure did a lot of damage this past weekend. You brought a lot of rain, took out a lot of energy, teased us on and off with sporadic power, and proved the wrath of Mother Nature for days that felt like forever. I stayed inside all day looking at my phone, gasping … Continue reading Hurricane Matthew

I.C.E. Wait, Watch, and Listen

Flooded streets with kids

Shovel, concrete, water --- shovel, concrete, water You will never forget the sound of rigid metal scraping into water-saturated gravel over and over again salvage   Stacking your furniture like oddly shaped jenga pieces --- balancing all things that absorb atop wooden structures   you try to muster buenas tardes and a sympathetic smile but when … Continue reading I.C.E. Wait, Watch, and Listen

Grateful for Jo Anne

Michelle and Jo Anne with mural

When asked what I am thankful about in my service, one of my first thoughts goes to my site mate, whom I was lucky enough to overlap with for five months. Jo Anne Cohn is a whirlwind of energy, friendliness, and positivity. She introduced me to San Jacinto and many amazing people and friends in … Continue reading Grateful for Jo Anne

Staff Spotlight: Oscar Mejia Gallego

Palm trees in sun

Editor’s note: Oscar will be leaving Peace Corps Colombia on November 25, 2016, after six years as our Training Manager. Everyday from Monday to Friday, I go off at 4:30 am for a one-hour walk. The first thing I do after leaving my apartment is thank God for everything I have and do. This is … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Oscar Mejia Gallego

Letter to CII-6 Volunteers

CII-6 Group Photo

Dear CII-6 Volunteers, Your service is coming to an end and we all know you are having quite a busy time leaving everything in order, finishing your COS reports, and closing this remarkable life-changing cycle with your friends and “family.” We are sure you are more understanding, compassionate, and empathetic people after giving your time and … Continue reading Letter to CII-6 Volunteers

The Importance of Diversity

So it popped into my head that I could contribute more than just translating and providing internet resources for Semana Cultura at my school. The idea came to me “How about I teach the kids a dance?” I started to think, “OK, what dance? It has to be something school appropriate.” Then I thought of … Continue reading The Importance of Diversity

Ten-Go CED Wrap-Up

CII-7 group photo

On November 2, 2015, 10 Peace Corps Response Volunteers arrived in Colombia. We had 11 months to pilot the nascent Community and Economic Development (CED) program. We represented many years of accumulated experience in varied environments, with several recent Peace Corps volunteers and several who had been volunteers many years ago. Many had multiple other … Continue reading Ten-Go CED Wrap-Up

VAC Mini-Grant Program

Photos showcasing projects

As CII-6 prepares to end our service, we have also transferred fundraising efforts and Mini-Grant distribution responsibilities to the CII-8 VAC (Volunteer Advisory Council) representatives: Trevor Johnson and Helena Vonk. We've been thrilled to see how the Mini-Grant program has grown over the past year and have especially enjoyed seeing the projects that have benefited … Continue reading VAC Mini-Grant Program