How to Promote Peace with Photography

Carrie Shoultz is a Practical English for Success (PES) volunteer serving in a pueblo in Atlántico, Colombia. Alyssa Galik is a a Practical English for Success (PES) volunteer serving in a pueblo in Bólivar, Colombia. -   In early July, a dozen Colombian students joined with six American students visiting Colombia for the first time to … Continue reading How to Promote Peace with Photography


Never Going Home: Margarita Sorock

by Christopher Gordon This is our fourth installment of the "Never Going Home" series that highlights Peace Corps volunteers who have served in Colombia and decided to make it their home. "Turning Points," was written by Peace Corps Colombia volunteer Margarita Sorock, who began her service in 1964. Turning Points The turning point in my … Continue reading Never Going Home: Margarita Sorock

FICCI Movie Reviews

Letters from War by Christopher Gordon On the weekend of March 4th, I met some volunteers in Cartagena for FICCI: Festival Internacional Cine Colombia de Indias. The first movie of the weekend that we watched was Cartas da Guerra, a 2016 Portuguese film directed by Ivo M. Ferreira. Shot in black-and-white, the film details the … Continue reading FICCI Movie Reviews

Never Going Home

By Caleb Reed Since there are quite a number of PC Colombia volunteers who have decided to return to Colombia or who have stayed after their service, Oíste was interested in finding out why. Is it the natural beauty and diversity? Is it the sweltering heat and mosquitos? Is it for the love of a … Continue reading Never Going Home

Caniba Strong

By Angela Lopez The Caniba Rugby Club is one of three male rugby teams in Cartagena. The players are intense athletes with an immense passion for the sport and have an incredible amount of Caniba pride. They also subscribe to a community service philosophy, like many rugby teams all over the world. Every year The … Continue reading Caniba Strong

Beyond the Walled City: My Robbery and How it Could Have Been Prevented

By Sarah Shaw R.I.P. cute backpack from the street market in Taichung. I was reading De Cómo las Muchachas García Perdieron el Accento and eating some almonds in the fluorescent-lit Éxito San Diego café around 7 pm, when I heard that a couple other volunteers were running late. It was Saturday evening, and a Fulbright … Continue reading Beyond the Walled City: My Robbery and How it Could Have Been Prevented

No Idea Too Small

By Regina M. Ernst There's often a lot of hype surrounding secondary projects in Peace Corps Colombia. When you work in a small community (or a large, conducive one), secondary projects are beneficial, exciting, and serve as a break from the, at times, lackluster routine of co-teaching or, in some cases, direct teaching. However, some … Continue reading No Idea Too Small

Better Than Home: I Balconi aka “The Pasta Place”

By Regina M. Ernst Many of us remember that fateful day during PST when we sat down to what appeared to be an unsuspicious spaghetti dinner with our first host families, only to discover that the pale red sauce clinging from the steaming pasta was ketchup. It's registered in our collective memory, that moment when … Continue reading Better Than Home: I Balconi aka “The Pasta Place”

The Others that Live Here

by Regina M. Ernst I woke up early, before the sun had fully risen, in my mini-apartment. I stumbled in the dark into my connected bathroom to discover a cockroach slowly plodding along the dim tile. He was one of those giant cockroaches, the kind that probably have wings and clumsily bump into things, the … Continue reading The Others that Live Here