Sala de Reading

Girls reading on a rug

To me, having a library is something so common place in schools that I often found it more of an obligation than a luxury.  I can’t tell you how many books I “read” in my high school Lit class. (Kicking myself for that now.) In fact, I didn’t even notice the absence of a library … Continue reading Sala de Reading


Camp GLOW 2016

by Jessi Atha After 9 months of planning, Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) came and went in a blink of an eye. On June 27th, twenty-eight participants, eight Peace Corps counselors, four Peace Corps directors, one Colombian director and 6 junior counselors arrived in Minca for a week of self-discovery, fun, and laughter. On … Continue reading Camp GLOW 2016

Creating HEROes One S’more At A Time

By Danny Butterfoss Test results are still being analyzed. It’s too early to measure long-term impact, but according to everyone involved, Peace Corps Colombia’s inaugural Camp HERO was a rousing success. Held from October 9th through October 23th at the IED Agroindustrial de Minca, about forty-five minutes outside Santa Marta, Camp HERO (Health, Equality, Respect, … Continue reading Creating HEROes One S’more At A Time

We Teach, We Learn, We Work as a Team: Camp GLOW 2015

By Isaura Garcia “Are you sure you will be responsible for my daughter?” One parent made sure to call me at 10 p.m. the night before camp to make sure I was going to be a responsible camp counselor. Although this was an unexpected phone call, I put myself in his shoes, and I reassured him that … Continue reading We Teach, We Learn, We Work as a Team: Camp GLOW 2015

Who Run the World? Girls! Camp GLOW Colombia 2014

By Aara Johnson From June 17th to 20th, twenty-eight 10th grade girls from Barranquilla, Campo de la Cruz, Cartagena, Minca, Puerto Colombia, Santa Marta, and Suan experienced the first Camp GLOW Colombia in Minca, Magdalena. You might have heard about Camp GLOW–which stands for Girls Leading Our World–happening in other Peace Corps countries, but thanks … Continue reading Who Run the World? Girls! Camp GLOW Colombia 2014