VAC Minigrant Spotlight

Nakita Naik is a Community Economic Development (CED) volunteer serving in a pueblo in Bolívar, Colombia - Peace Corps Colombia’s Volunteer Advisory Council (VAC) offers a mini-grant worth 50 thousand Colombian Pesos (~15 USD) each month to which any Volunteer can apply to support a project. September’s winning applicant was CED volunteer Nakita Naik. Her … Continue reading VAC Minigrant Spotlight


Clearing the Fog of Negativity

Brianna Thompson is a Practical English for Success (PES) volunteer serving in a pueblo in Atlántico, Colombia.   Early on in every Peace Corps Volunteer’s service, they become very aware of threats to mental health. The topic is touched on during Pre-Service Training by both medical staff and Peace Corps Volunteer Leaders; all trainees discuss … Continue reading Clearing the Fog of Negativity

Manzanillo del Mar Photo Camp

Pictures from the photo camp

Alyssa lives in a vereda (incorporated community) of Cartagena in the department of Bolivar, as a Practical English for Success volunteer. -   A few months ago, I did a photo camp with some of my students. The purpose of the camp was to allow students (ages 7-13) to express themselves artistically while also learning … Continue reading Manzanillo del Mar Photo Camp

Illustrating Salento

By Sarah Shaw Drawing scenes from my daily life in Colombia has given me the opportunity to really observe my surroundings, slow down and reflect. A few weeks ago, I ventured to Salento, a small town in Colombia's Coffee Triangle. Surrounded by lush vegetation, patterned houses, and sprawling mountains, I knew this environment would inspire … Continue reading Illustrating Salento