Counterpart Spotlight: Gracce Llanos

by Alex Lerma Gracce Llanos has been an English teacher at Escuela Normal Superior La Hacienda for the past eight years in Barranquilla, Colombia. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in modern languages with an emphasis in English and Spanish. She is a native of Barranquilla and has demonstrated patience and love for a long … Continue reading Counterpart Spotlight: Gracce Llanos


Counterpart Spotlight: Nancy Elena Granados Barceló

by Barbara Alvarado Nancy Granados is your modern day Super Woman. She is a full-time mother; her son Carlos Mauricio is fifteen and Juan David is twelve. She’s also a wife, a full time teacher at Colegio Mayor de Barranquilla y el Caribe, and she's also my counterpart. I sat down with Mrs. Granados to … Continue reading Counterpart Spotlight: Nancy Elena Granados Barceló

Counterpart Spotlight: Eika de la Rosa Meza

by Alex Reed I first met Eika in November 2014. It was my first time attending a community meeting. I remember sitting in amazement as a young, feisty, passionate, under 5' tall girl was rapid firing her suggestions to the leaders of the community. I soon found out that Eika de la Rosa Meza WAS a … Continue reading Counterpart Spotlight: Eika de la Rosa Meza

Counterpart Spot Light: Diego Alejandro Guerrero Rodríguez

The Man with a Whole Lot of Plans By Casey Keating You know him as, “Diego.” I know him as, “Alejandro.” Teachers call him, “Alejo.” Students call him, “Profe”. However once you’ve been introduced, you’re probably already aware that Diego Alejandro Guerrero Rodríguez is an awesome guy.  You’ve heard me say enough times that he’s … Continue reading Counterpart Spot Light: Diego Alejandro Guerrero Rodríguez

From “Contraparte” to “Mi Llave”: How to make your Peace Corps Counterpart your BFF

By Jimmy Everett I already know what you’re thinking: “Great, another chance for Jimmy to brag about how great his counterpart is.” Well, yes. But more than that, this is an opportunity for me to mention some of the steps that turned our co-working relationship into a friendship that I believe will last a lifetime … Continue reading From “Contraparte” to “Mi Llave”: How to make your Peace Corps Counterpart your BFF

Counterpart Spotlight: Geyhler Vizcaino Molina

By Rick Grijalva Geyhler Vizcaino Molina is a creative and curious Costeña who enjoys spending time with her family, painting, and relaxing with her cat. She teaches English at SENA, holds degrees in International Trade and Business Management, and is currently studying Computer Science. We began working together at SENA four months ago when she … Continue reading Counterpart Spotlight: Geyhler Vizcaino Molina

Counterpart Spotlight: Molina for Mayor 2021

By Danny Butterfoss As the birthday song blasts and “FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS DANNY BUTTERFOSS” scrolls across the tiny bar’s single TV screen, I look over to the wiry young costeño in the makeshift DJ booth, dressed in his usual form-fitting t-shirt and jeans. As he acknowledges me with a wink and a thumbs-up, I think of … Continue reading Counterpart Spotlight: Molina for Mayor 2021

Counterpart Spotlight: Gerardo Gil Peralta

By Thomas Nolan One of the greatest aspects of my service thus far has been my relationship with my counterpart Gerardo Gil Peralta. Gerardo and I first met on October 21, 2013 in the Hotel Charthon at the Counterpart Conference. He has taken a liking to the Peace Corps, and has befriended many of the … Continue reading Counterpart Spotlight: Gerardo Gil Peralta

Counterpart Spotlight: Edwin Varela Guerrero

By Andrew Mulvaney I am very thankful to have Edwin José Varela Guerrero as one of my counterparts, and, even more so, as a friend. We started working together six months ago, when he came in as a new English teacher at my site, Institución Educativa Distrital de La Paz. Teaching 4th and 5th grade, … Continue reading Counterpart Spotlight: Edwin Varela Guerrero