Staff Spotlight: Country Director Geralyn Sheehan

Country Director Geralyn Sheehan and daughter

Oíste's copyeditor Barbara Lewton Beach recently interviewed our Country Director, Geralyn Sheehan. -   Geralyn loves her job. “How fun is this?” she said, back in February when I had the opportunity to interview Geralyn Sheehan our Country Director in Peace Corps Colombia.  She comes through with her unbridled enthusiasm for her job, her love … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Country Director Geralyn Sheehan


Staff Spotlight: Oscar Mejia Gallego

Palm trees in sun

Editor’s note: Oscar will be leaving Peace Corps Colombia on November 25, 2016, after six years as our Training Manager. Everyday from Monday to Friday, I go off at 4:30 am for a one-hour walk. The first thing I do after leaving my apartment is thank God for everything I have and do. This is … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Oscar Mejia Gallego

Staff Spotlight: Johan Villafañe Torres

by Kathleen Rodriguez This month’s office MVP award goes to Johan. He’s our beloved driver, package deliverer, and passport specialist (and those are just his official duties). Johan is siempre a la orden and always attends us with a smile and good conversation. We’re quite sure Peace Corps operations would not function effectively without him. … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Johan Villafañe Torres

Staff Spotlight: Marggie Borda

By Barbara Alvarado She keeps us laughing and on check. It’s time to learn a little bit more about one of our favorite office staff members. What is your full name? Marggie Borda Villanueva. Where were you born and raised? Barranquilla. Where did you go to college and what did you study? I went to … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Marggie Borda

It’s Time to Meet the New Jefe

by Kathleen Rodriguez She’s finally here. Everyone has been waiting anxiously for the chance to meet her to find out: who is it that sits behind the country director’s desk? The Oíste team was happy to have the opportunity to speak with Geralyn Sheehan, Peace Corps Colombia’s new Country Director. Geralyn has a career background … Continue reading It’s Time to Meet the New Jefe

Staff Spotlight: Dra. Rosario Montecinos

By Esther Fiebig She’s one of the office staff members we keep on speed dial. We call her when we’ve eaten contaminated chuzos from the centro. We call her when we’ve been over zealous in soccer and have suffered an injury. We call her when we’ve got Chikungunya and are convinced we’re dying. We call … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Dra. Rosario Montecinos

The Two New Faces of Peace Corps Colombia

By Kathleen Rodriguez It’s been a year of change for Peace Corps Colombia. Between shifting from an urban focus to a rural one, saying goodbye to old staff members, and welcoming a new country director, it’s been a whirlwind. We’re happy to say we’ve survived. In retrospect, the whirlwind wasn’t so bad; it brought us … Continue reading The Two New Faces of Peace Corps Colombia

Conociendo a Nuestro Apoyo: Entrevista con Alberto Maldonado

By Megan Birnbaum ¿Cómo enteraste de Cuerpo de Paz? Bueno, yo solía trabajar para el Embajada de los EEUU en Bogotá y un día vi que dos personas entraron y dijeron que iba a tener una oficina en Barranquilla. Y estaba como wow, Barranquilla. Luego comencé a averiguar que era Peace Corps y aprendí de … Continue reading Conociendo a Nuestro Apoyo: Entrevista con Alberto Maldonado

Staff Spotlight: Jonathan Drewry, DPT in 3-D

By Shanna Crumley Peace Corps Colombia has seen a flurry of activity the past few months, with retirements, maternity leaves, site changes, incoming and outgoing volunteer groups and the holidays. But perhaps the busiest man has been Jonathan Drewry, the new Director of Programming and Training. Not only did he and his family pack up … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Jonathan Drewry, DPT in 3-D

Staff Spotlight: Leandra Vidal

By Andrew Mulvaney 1. Colombia tiene mucha variedad en cuanto a sus culturas, cada región siendo distinta. ¿Has vivido en otras regiones de Colombia? ¿Sí no, donde te gustaría conocer mejor? Sí, he vivido en otras regiones de Colombia. Viví en Bogotá por casi 20 años. Fue muy interesante la experiencia ya que compartí con … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Leandra Vidal