Grateful for Jo Anne

Michelle and Jo Anne with mural

When asked what I am thankful about in my service, one of my first thoughts goes to my site mate, whom I was lucky enough to overlap with for five months. Jo Anne Cohn is a whirlwind of energy, friendliness, and positivity. She introduced me to San Jacinto and many amazing people and friends in … Continue reading Grateful for Jo Anne


Volunteer Spotlight: Lindsay Copelly-Lerma

by Barbara Alvarado When the Oíste content editor asked me to drop my current story (but really his) to interview Mrs. Lindsay Lerma for our up-coming issue I was thrilled! You mean you want me to stop research on the “Perennial Shrubs: the Marvelous and Wondrous life of Yucca” story? You want me to interview … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Lindsay Copelly-Lerma

Volunteer Spotlight: Casey Keating

by Christopher Gordon Casey Keating is a dedicated volunteer who is enthusiastic about her community, host family, and volunteer service projects. She has continued the work of CII-3 volunteer Taylor Ramsey by working alongside the Wiwa community in both English and community projects. She has volunteered in a number of camps, and is always there … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Casey Keating

From the Cornfields to the Coast; Volunteer Spotlight-Michael Owen

By Jessi Atha When Oíste asked me to write a volunteer spotlight on Michael Owen, I figured I wouldn’t even have to interview him. The man is so open and outgoing, not to mention I thought I knew all there was to know about him, since he is my site mate. I realized there is … Continue reading From the Cornfields to the Coast; Volunteer Spotlight-Michael Owen

Volunteer Spotlight: Gene Rutan

By Katrina Castner As I clumsily disembarked from the bus in Viaven, I looked up to see Gene Rutan walking towards me, his huge smile thrown into shadow by his characteristic wide-brimmed hat. When I think of integration I think of Gene.  Despite the fact that he towers over the majority of the Colombians he … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Gene Rutan

Best Friends Work Best

By Alberto Páez En el largo caminar de la vida, nos vamos encontrando miles de personajes, unos desaparecen así como llegaron, otros hacen parte de nuestra vida sólo por un rato; pero hay unos que dejan huella en nuestras vidas para siempre. Así es mi voluntario estrella, así le llamo, es mi gran amigo, mi … Continue reading Best Friends Work Best

John F. Kennedy Volunteer Excellence Award

By Aara Johnson The VAC is excited to announce the recipient of the annual Colombia JFK Volunteer Excellence Award! It is modeled after similar awards at other Peace Corps posts. This award serves to recognize the exemplary work of our fellow Peace Corps Colombia Volunteers. Individuals had to have been nominated by another volunteer to … Continue reading John F. Kennedy Volunteer Excellence Award

Volunteer Spotlight: Ricardo Martinez aka Man of Mystery

By Stephanie Sheffield For this “Heating Things Up” edition, I had the pleasure to interview everyone’s favorite Mexican-American man of mystery, Ricardo Martinez. In between his long pauses, and sips of Juan Valdez coffee, I was able to get some good information out of him. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Ricardo Martinez aka Man of Mystery

Volunteer Spotlight: Tiara McCarty (A Woman Who Loves Cats) Talks about Pueblo Life

The Oíste Team recently corresponded with Tiara McCarty to get a taste of pueblo life in Piojó, Atlántico. Tell us a little about yourself. I’m 23 and from a farm in middle of nowhere Ohio. I studied International Relations and Mandarin at Wittenberg University, and spent a semester in wonderful Shanghai. I like cats. I like … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Tiara McCarty (A Woman Who Loves Cats) Talks about Pueblo Life

There’s a New President in Town

By Rick Grijalva Aara Johnson has recently been elected President of The Volunteer Advisory Committee (VAC). Aara is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the lakes and parks make the city a paradise, and where pockets of art and music add a vibrant cultural touch. I interviewed Aara with the goal of providing a unique opportunity for … Continue reading There’s a New President in Town

Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Doyle

By Nina Puga 1. So tell us a little bit about yourself—where are you from, what did you study, what is your life dream, etc?    I am from a small town right on the Mississippi River in the middle of Minnesota named Sauk Rapids. Way back in the day, it was in the running … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Doyle