The Editorial Team

Current Editors

13241406_248695505521449_5826970090162630721_n.jpgKaleb Rogers is Oíste’s Content Editor and a CED volunteer in Atlántico. He is from New England, where he also studied Quantitative Economics. He’s spent a large portion of his adult life living abroad and hopes to continue to do so. He likes politics, international relations, skateboarding, reading, and lo-fi garage rock.




Dan Ryan is Oíste’s Layout Editor. A CED volunteer in Atlántico, Dan is initially from the midwest but later moved to San Francisco before joining Peace Corps. He is also the second member of his family to serve in a Spanish-speaking Peace Corps country! Dan is passionate about social justice, politics, and mental health. He enjoys reading and following his favorite Chicago sports teams.




Cutter Uhlhorn is Oíste’s Copy Editor. Originally from Texas, Cutter studied at Tulane University. Known by “Carlos” at site (Cutter is difficult to pronounce here), he assists with English classes in a small town in La Guajira. Cutter is a very prolific writer himself, making him a perfect fit for Oíste. He is also fond of music, lifting weights, and drinking large bottles of Coke Zero. 


Past Editors


angell-content-editorAngell Kim was Oíste’s Content Editor from August 2016-May 2018. She co-planned and co-taught English classes at two public schools in Magdalena.  She is from the Lone Star State, Texas, and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in International Relations and a minor in Latin American Studies. Prior to the Peace Corps, she worked as a project manager for an international medical device consulting company. She loves karaoke, authentic Mexican tacos, sancocho, basketball, and Korean BBQ.


peter-copy-editorPeter Andringa was Oíste’s Copy Editor. He worked as a PES Volunteer in Bolívar. He earned his BA degree in History and in English Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He earned his MA in English Literature from New York University. Prior to Peace Corps, Peter worked the last few years as a technical writer, editor, translator, and teacher — and was lucky enough to do so in many wonderful places across the world. His passions are above all listening to music, reading, writing, family, and more generally all opportunities to learn and discover.


brianna-layout-editorBrianna Thompson was Oíste’sLayout Editor from August 2016 – May 2018. She co-planned and co-taught English classes at two public schools in Atlántico. She’s from the MidWest (South Dakota-Wisconsin-Minnesota) and studied Spanish and Teaching English as a second language at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Prior to coming to Peace Corps, Brianna worked at Target Headquarters in the Merchandise Presentation division; as a result, she’s obsessed with colors. She particularly loves things that start with B: balloons, beer, bikes, blogging, boogieing with bae, bubbles, and bunnies.


barbara-copy-editorBarbara Lewton Beach was Oíste’s Copy Editor. She teaches English to teachers and students at San Pedro Alejandrino in Santa Marta, Colombia. She earned a BS degree with emphasis in technical journalism from Oregon State University, and an MS in communications from the University of Washington. She has worked as a technical writer, editor, journalist, trainer, instructional designer, gyppo logger, sawmill owner, firewood cutter, farm hand, masseuse, seamstress, and waitress. She is the mother of four and grandmother of Noah. She loves to read, dance, listen to music, as well as swim and float in the ocean whenever she can. Recently she won an award for “most time in the water” at a party on the Caribbean.  


Barbara Alvarado was Oíste’s Layout Editor from November 2015-August 2016. She worked at an all-girl school in Barranquilla. She’s from Los Angeles and studied Fashion at Cal State Long Beach. Two years before joining Peace Corps Colombia she decided to change careers and became a substitute teacher for the Juvenile Court Schools. She learned a lot of cool slang there. In her free time she likes to run, draw, and drink a lot of coffee.



IMG_20150803_171054Christopher Gordon was Oíste’s Content Editor from November 2015-August 2016. His primary assignment was teaching English in Sabanagrande. He studied history at U.C. Berkeley, and is currently working on his masters in TEFL through the Peace Corps Master’s International Program at Humboldt State University. In his free time, he enjoys skateboarding, punk rock, and vegan pizza parties.



IMG_3465Kathleen Rodriguez was Oíste’s Copy Editor from August 2015-August 2016. She taught English with her Colombian counterparts at Fundación Educativa Madre Butler in Barranquilla. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Writing from Cal State San Marcos, she went on to teach middle school for three years before joining Peace Corps. She enjoys hiking, playing the piano, reading, and going to the beach whenever she can.



reginaRegina Ernst was Oíste’s Copy Editor from August 2014 to August 2015. She worked at SENA in Barranquilla, teaching English to adults studying various vocations. She’s from Buffalo, NY, but spent the two years prior to joining the Peace Corps studying her MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. She’s  finishing up her master’s degree during her Peace Corps service as part of the Peace Corps Master’s International Program. She writes flash fiction and flash creative nonfiction on her blog.


rickRick Grijalva was Oíste’s Content Editor from August 2015 to November 2015. He studied English education in his hometown at California State University, Fresno. As his primary assignment, he teaches English at SENA in downtown Barranquilla. In his free time he loves playing the drums in a local jazz band, reading fiction, drawing with charcoal, morning jogging, watching Dallas Cowboys games and exploring Colombia’s beautiful cities.



sarah_shawSarah Shaw was Oíste’s Layout Editor from November 2013 to November 2015. She worked in La Boquilla, a community north of Cartagena. She’s originally from Maine, but lived in Korea for three years before moving to Colombia, teaching English at a public school in Seoul and studying Korean at a Buddhist university in the mountains. Sarah studied at Pratt Institute, receiving a BFA in Art and Design Education and a minor in Painting and Art History. She writes and illustrates on her blog.


allisonAllison Bakamijan: After first apprenticing under the famous Andrew Williams, Allison took over as Oíste’s Copy Editor in June of 2013. As the daughter of two former journalists and editors, Allison had a lot of experience getting her papers torn apart with corrections, and she was happy to be on the other side of things for Oíste. While Allison will always hold a deep love in her heart for her home city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, she has been living elsewhere (almost) ever since she was 18. Allison has BAs in Latin American Studies and Political Science from Tulane University in New Orleans, and plans to pursue a Master of Public Health in the future. During her PCV service, Allison enjoyed living and working in beautiful Santa Marta.


photo - OisteAndrew Mulvaney was Oíste’s Content Editor from May 2013 until November 2014. Having grown up in western Massachusetts, he went on to graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a double degree in Communication and Legal Studies. Since graduation, Andrew has had the privilege of serving both with AmeriCorps (San Jose, California) and Peace Corps (Santa Marta). Some of his biggest passions are reading Latin American literature and practicing Spanish.


The Founders

1560729_10100317901135376_2394410874167009335_nJessica Hom and Emily Fiocco

Jessica and Emily, jointly known as “Yessmily,” are co-founders and former editors of Oíste. Emily is from Wisconsin. She enjoys fantastic flights of imagination and gorgeous writing. Jessica is from California. She enjoys the elegance of cats and punctuation.

Members of the pioneering cohort of CII-3, Emily and Jessica both lived in Barranquilla from 2011 to 2013. As an unstoppable, inseparable, and occasionally indistinguishable pair, Emily and Jessica spent most of their Peace Corps service co-teaching with Colombians, working on Oíste, eating in the office, teaching Saturday classes for English teachers, spreading the gospel of rubrics and curriculum design, bringing Peace Corps to Providence, and plotting to take over the world.

Jessica and Emily are now back in the United States as Recovering Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs). Emily is currently earning Master’s degrees in both International Studies and Nonprofit Management from the University of Oregon. Jessica is currently earning her credential and Master’s in secondary English education from the University of California, Berkeley.

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